This summer ethnicity returns: ethnic or tribal print

This summer the ethnic thing returns. Fabrics with ikat prints that go through all geometric shapes and colors. Undoubtedly, together with the floral and navy prints, it indicates the death of boredom when it comes to dressing.

Mix without fear for the most daring and bring accessories for the most discreet. What is clear is that this spring-summer 2013, the tribe reaches the catwalks impregnating with its wild air, the most sophisticated designs of Gucci, Kenzo or Givenchy among others.

Ethnic and tribal celebrities

  • Ethnic can range from the most traditional, from prehistoric tribes, to psychedelic prints with mixtures of geometric shapes typical of the 70s. Anything goes, mixing all kinds of impossible shapes and fluorine colors. Our advice is that if you bet on color, do not mix shapes. The well-understood trend is tribal shapes in neutral or pastel colors.
  • The tribal shapes allow a perfect look to attend a gala or an evening event. Nina Dobrev, surprised us with a dress with a black and white tribal print to attend a gala. The Vampire Chronicles actress manages to integrate the trend perfectly for her nighttime look. An ideal gala dress for summer nights. The dress admits a wilder makeup, typical of the tribe, with raccoon-style eyes and a bouffant in the hair or a disheveled braid, emphasizing that tribal air.
  • The it girl Olivia Palermo to attend parades and night events, manages to combine the preppy trend with the Tribal print. The Vogue girl combines a skirt with an ethnic print in acid yellow and black and with a flare typical of the 60s, with a top of the same preppy cut in black and white and a sash-like belt. Olivia completes the look with a cropped black and white leather jacket. An example of how to mix three types of tribal prints and preserve the sweetness and sophistication of the preppy look.
  • Tribal fashion has other ambassadors like Miranda Kerr or Selena Gomez. Orlando Bloom’s woman, in a more hippie style, wears blouses with ethnic prints. We saw her walking her son in a purple and blue blouse and horn-rimmed glasses. A modern mom look like the Australian model is. Selena Gomez also wears the tribal print. The former Disney girl combines a skirt with an ethnic print in fluorescent colors on a black background with a blue and black wrap top. A somewhat excessive look to wear during the day, but we take note for party nights.
  • Africa and the complex geometric prints of the clubs of the 70s invade the stores this spring-summer 2013. Let yourself be seduced by the impossible geometries and combine them at will in pastel tones and in the most striking fluorine. Bring out the Meryl Streep that you carry inside and let yourself be seduced by the African forms.

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