Looks to go to a party of the 20s: the chic style of the flappers

Do you have a 20’s themed party and don’t know how to dress? Are you lost in creating looks inspired by this wonderful era? Don’t worry! The first thing you should know is that this is a decade with very marked and outstanding fashion. In fact, even today, it continues to be one of the periods that most inspire fashion brands for the creation of outfits in which elegance and delicacy stand out, just like in the 20s.

The chic style of the so-called flappers, that is, the women who broke with the established canons, is well known throughout the world. But if you still don’t know which outfit to choose, in this article we have prepared some keys to the looks to go to a 20’s party. Grab pencil, paper, and take note of all of them!

Fashion and style of the roaring 20s

  • The flapper years meant a complete break with established beauty canons, a liberation for women who, until then, had worn uncomfortable corsets, wore floor-length dresses and fully covered arms. Now, suddenly, the skirts were shortened to the knee (a scandal for that time), the arms were exposed, the straight lines in the dresses began to become strong, the looks with androgynous touches, yes, without losing a pinnacle of femininity. The dresses were simple in their cuts, although with very rich fabrics in detail. The accessories were not simple either: feathers, fringes, skullcaps, transparent stockings, scarves or long necklaces., dressed the dresses with rich lace fabrics, gauze and muslin. The consumer society reached the lives of women and some of the most desired elements were fashion, accessories and cosmetics.
  • Still don’t know how to dress in a roaring 20s look? We are going to give you some more visual clues as well. You should keep in mind the classic Charleston dancers; you will also be inspired by movies like Chicago or series like Downton Abbey. Once you have this period visually in your head, you should start composing your look. The key: straight-cut dresses or those that fit at the hip; headdresses consisting of headbands, bands or skullcaps; Mary Janes with little and wide heels and accessories such as long feather boas or long pearl necklaces that can be tied. Do you want more detailed options? Then take note.

The ideal look to go to a party inspired by the 20s


  • The dresses in the 20s, as we have said, have a length just below the knee or by the knee. The one you choose should have a rectilinear cut, with fabrics that fall completely and do not fit the body or simply fall and fit at the height of the hip. The fabrics should have a lot of drape or, if they don’t by themselves, you should choose one that has shiny beads or beads to give it that desirable drape.
  • Dresses with fringes in their entirety or with fringe detail at the bottom are also ideal. In addition to providing the necessary fall for a straight cut, they will provide much more movement in the dance. Keep in mind that, at this time, these dresses were worn because women began to dance other types of dance such as the Charleston, dances with a lot of movement for which movement was also necessary in the dresses.

Jacket suit

If you are not very dressed, do not worry. In the quintessential androgynous era, girls began to wear pantsuits in a very masculine fashion; that is, with pants, jacket and vest. The feminine touch was given with the cuffs and collars of the jackets and coats, which ended in the form of fur. If you opt for a suit, for footwear choose men’s Oxford-type lace-up shoes. You can also opt for a masculine booty dress.


The looks of the 20s are very particular and the outfits are very characteristic. In these years, dresses were just as important as headdresses. For your outfit, you can opt for either a wide fabric or beaded headband or a wide fabric band with rosettes or feathers on one side and wear it around your head, at forehead level. You can also opt for skullcap hats and add any decoration, such as a flower. Another of the headdresses that was triumphant at this time are the turbans, which the flappers also adorned with front brooches or feathers. Mesh hats are another great option. You will not say that you do not have variety to choose the one that best suits you or the one that best matches your dress!


The stylish girls of the 20s spent their nights dancing. For this reason, it was best to opt for elegant shoes that matched their dresses as well as being comfortable. Ergo, the Mary Jane was the best option. Of course, with a short and wide heel. Forget the heels for your outfit. Another style of Mary Jane widely used by flappers were those that not only had the tape on the instep, but also had one that went up and a strap around the ankle. That is to say, the T-shaped cut, with which the foot was much more subject for those dances so moved.


  • The accessories, far from being simple, were also very ornate. In addition to the headdresses, you must use some type of accessory for the neck, either in the form of a narrow but long mini scarf with glitter. You can opt for long pearl necklaces and tie them at the bottom, or for a feather boa or fur stole, which was so popular at that time.
  • It is also important that you include stockings in your outfit, either mesh or transparent, since the dark ones were considered too conservative. Remember that they must have a stripe on the back that emulates the seam, since the stockings at that time were made of silk and had the seam on the back. If you can’t find them, you can always paint the line with a pencil. Another accessory that the girls of the 20s wore and gave them a very feminine touch were the gloves. If they wore a sleeveless dress, they chose long gloves, very Gilda-esque. Although the shorts were also common. And if you add a cigarette holder, the look will be the most sophisticated.


The hair also accompanied the androgynous mode as well as elegant and free of this time. In this sense, bob cuts with asymmetrical and lopsided bangs were the keynote. Also the long hair, always above the shoulders. The ideal was more or less marked waves, in the case of more garçonne cuts, opt for wider water waves and close to the head. If, on the other hand, you wear medium length hair, the waves will be more undone and will be finer.


The makeup was very sophisticated. You should go for a very pale complexion that you can achieve with powder or, if you are not so pale, with talcum powder. The girls of the 20s had very marked eyes in a dark tone and smoked them with black shadows and eyeliner. The lips were very outlined, marking the central apple in red.
Ready! With these keys you are ready to go to a party of the 20s with a divine look. You’ll be great!

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