Ibizan fashion; this summer the Adlib style returns

On June 6, the 41st Edition of the Adlib Fashion Catwalk will be held at the Club Náutico de San Antonio, Ibiza. Adlib is nothing more than Ibizan fashion, a style that has been filling the catwalks for more than forty years. Throughout this time, this typical fashion from the Pitiusa Islands has spread to become internationally known.

With summer comes Adlib fashion

  • The Adlib concept has gained strength in these years and is one more of the traditions of Ibiza, along with its beaches, its summer and its parties. It is a handmade fashion that uses natural fabrics, embroidery, crochet, ruffles and lace.
  • It was born in 1971 inspired by the typical costumes of Ibiza with certain influences from the hippie movement so on the rise during the seventies. It was the Yugoslav princess Smilja Mihailovitch, a great lover of the island and its traditions, who promoted the Ibizan style and helped to export it all over the world. Her motto was “dress as you want, but with pleasure”.
  • The princess took advantage of the hippie philosophy and the traditional style of the islands to create a trend that is still alive today and that has dressed anonymous and famous people from all over the world. Ibizan or Adlib fashion is romantic and sensual and her outfits have great movement. They are vaporous and fluid garments with white as the main color.
  • The Adlib Fashion Catwalk is an unavoidable event within the fashion circuit. This year designers such as Beatrice San Francisco, Charo Ruiz, Christine Astruc, Dira Moda Ibiza or Elisa Pomar are participating.

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