Combining the leopard print is not impossible

Combining, and doing it well, the leopard print, is not impossible, what’s more, we can affirm that it is simple. Because? Well, because we have tried it. You already know that if something becomes very topical, here we go to tell you about it firsthand. Here you have the definitive guide to know how to mix the leopard animal print and do it with great success.

How to combine the leopard print? 

Yes, dear readers, it is the start of autumn and timid trends begin to appear, until they become a boom, of course. You know how these things are, first someone wears them (normally it girl), another uploads a photo to social networks and on the third day they can be seen everywhere. And when we say that, we are talking about the cities of half the world and an endless number of garments and accessories that are seduced by the most warrior print of the moment.

In this article we have collected several keys so that you can wear the leopard print without clashing. Here you have them. Write down:

Let it catch all eyes

Kylie Jenner was probably responsible for kicking off leopard fashion with a most seductive leopard print silky dress. Here is the first rule to learn how to combine this chic print with style: let it catch all eyes, or what is the same, wear it with simple accessories and neutral colors.

Leopard top plus jeans

What if I wear a tight leopard bodysuit and high waisted jeans? Perfect, you have a complete look ideal to wear today. If you want to show off two trends in the same outfit, add a fanny pack.

Wear the leopard print with your head held high

We have said before that Kylie Jenner gave rise to this fashion, but perhaps it was Dulceida with her ruffled mini dress. What do you see chic in the photo? In addition to the backpack bag and the ankle boots, it is that she carries the outfit with her head held high, another rule to keep in mind for this trend and for those that have to come.

For an autumn air look

Olivia Palermo, our sophisticated girl, teaches us to combine the leopard print at halftime. Copy her outfit from head to toe and give it your personal touch, perhaps a handbag, or shoes with a dash of colour…

The leopard print is also for the pants

And if you don’t believe it, look what a successful combination. Perhaps it is the mixture with off-white, or its eighties inspiration, or perhaps it is that sporty chic air that surrounds it, the fact is that here is another ideal way to wear an urban look with a fashionable print.

If you want to follow this trend but you don’t think it’s entirely for you, then get a small leopard print accessory : the bucket bag, the shoes, a silk scarf… Ready to try?

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