5 reasons not to buy the yellow jacket from ZARA

It is the fashionable garment. The jacket of desire. The ideal complement. But there is a problem, everyone has it! We are talking of course about the yellow jacket from ZARA. A biker that a priori has nothing more special than a showy color and a rock appearance. But we go further, and we really have five reasons not to acquire it.

Reasons not to buy the yellow jacket from ZARA

  1. To what extent do you want to buy a jacket that has its own social network? In the age of the Internet and the dictatorship of the viral, a jacket that is more famous than the Oscars memes has entered your subconscious without you realizing it.
  2. Yes, you are going to have to agree with a large part of the population if you do not want to coincide with any of your friends in your outfits. It seems obvious but it is not, are you going to start sending WhatsApp messages to all your friends who dress with the same taste as you so as not to coincide in it? You know that no.
  3. Combining the jacket is difficult, and you know it. A yellow color in an accessory such as a jacket is not easy to wear except with plain clothes. Are you really going to risk wearing a garment that everyone has, so that in the end you only wear it twice?
  4. It is obvious that they take the short biker, in the purest rock and roll style. But this one in particular is too short and at any moment the 90s come back and we put on longer jackets again. Conclusion? ZARA jacket in the closet forever.
  5. Yes, its main attraction is precisely its color, but it can also be its main problem. You can get tired of it tomorrow, it is such an extremely striking color that that is his trap.

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