Renew your wardrobe in spring without breaking the bank

Spring is coming. Finally, the days are longer, the temperature is better, the trees are blooming, the sun is shining, you feel like walking, going out on the terrace. But, the dreaded wardrobe change is also approaching and the wardrobe must be renewed. Don’t worry! You don’t have to go crazy buying everything, or spend a fortune to adapt your wardrobe to the change of season.

  • Before going shopping and buying compulsively, we recommend that you sit down calmly and analyze what you have in your closet, since the vast majority of trends have continuity from season to season and by adapting them with the appropriate accessories, you will have a perfect outfit. wearing winter clothes.
  • We also recommend that you collect all the basics you have in your closet: white shirts, denim clothes, white t-shirts, jeans, blazers… because they will be your great allies to combine them with other more special seasonal garments. Don’t know where to start? We are going to give you some key notes of what is coming this spring and that, probably, has already been in your closet since this winter or since the past.

Clothes that you should leave in your closet this spring

  1. Flowers and places on skirts and dresses

Flowers have been a trend for several years and not only in spring, but also in winter. So, rescue the flowery dresses and blouses that you have and, instead of wearing them with basic turtleneck sweaters underneath or with oversized sweaters or wool cardigans on top, like Maria from Stellawants2die, wear them alone, combined with ankle boots or ballerinas. Polka dots are also making a comeback this spring, so recycle the clothes you have with this pattern because you will use them for the next few months.

  1. Long live the stripes!

Surely you have striped t-shirts and jumpers in your closet. Sailor stripes return each spring to fill store shelves and grab our attention. Combine this basic with more special skirts, leather pants or jeans, as Marta Carriedo does, adding ankle boots without stockings or ballet flats to your skinny jeans to give a Parisian chic touch. Also vertical stripes remain among us on shirts. If you don’t have a classic blue striped shirt, take it off your boy and wear it with your ripped jeans, a basic white t-shirt underneath and tie the shirt at the waist, put on some stilettos and you’ll be 10.

  1. Bet on pastel tones

It is time to change the tones and you already feel like it. Search among your mid-season blouses and sweaters and put black behind and mauve, yellow or aqua green in front because you will wear them combined with other more neutral tones in the coming months. Why not combine a houndstooth skirt in ecru and black tones with an aqua green sweater, like the one in the image? Sweet and sophisticated.

  1. Biker, trench coat, blazer and denim jacket, your basics this spring

The winning foursome in spring outerwear. They will be your great allies on the coolest mornings. Leather bikers will take away the sobriety of your most classic dresses and skirts (copy blogger Lucy Williams). The trench coat will give the lady touch to any outfit. Of course, the blazer will add a touch of elegance to your look and the everlasting denim jacket will be your go-to to combine with any item of clothing.

  1. White t-shirts with a message, your must have 

Another basic that cannot be missing in your closet are the basic white t-shirts with a message or with a screen-printed brand, better if the letters are red or black. They will be your great allies with skirts, jeans, pants, and even tailored suits, which are going strong this spring. Look, if not, how Paula Echevarría feels.

  1. The importance of good footwear

Ballet flats, stilettos, ankle boots, high boots, sandals, bluchers… All footwear is suitable for spring. The time begins when we still see someone in sandals on the street and next to another person in high boots. And it is that, halftime is the moment in which the combinations multiply. That you are cold to put on your sandals, then choose to wear them with a sock or legging. High boots are reinvented to appear in your looks with a dress without stockings, like the one from Sincerelyjules. Important note: take your jewelery shoes out of the attic, those from weddings that you have reserved for special occasions because this spring you will give them a second life in your daily routine.

  1. Bonus Tip

Take advantage of the bargain sales of the last days and get hold of the trends that have been worn in winter and that return in spring or renew your basics, for mini prices

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