Important! Clothes that do not favor everyone

The new season arrives at your favorite stores and with it the new trends in fashion. Do you remember when skinny and super tight pants began to be worn? You wanted some. And when the influencers started uploading photos to instagram with crop tops? In that case, you also joined that fever, not to mention the season in which if you did not have a lingerie top you were nobody.

We get carried away a lot by what we see in shop windows, in fashion magazines, on specialized websites in this sector and we make room in our closet to include those must haves that make us the most fashionable in the place. Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps not all styles go well with you, that there are garments that do not favor everyone, as in this case it happens to Gigi (Gtres) with this outfit?

Clothes that do not favor everyone

Before you stand in front of the closet and think about how you can dazzle at that job interview, on that date with your new flirt, or at a meeting with your friends, take note of these tips on what best suits your body.

Ruffles yes or ruffles no? 

Whether you wear them on top or bottom, you have to be very careful! Ruffles tend to add much more volume to the area of ​​the body where it shines and, for example, for girls with a lot of chest, t-shirts with ruffles and a bardot neckline are not highly recommended. For this type of women, a tighter garment is better. On the other hand, for those who want to give the sensation of having more chest, it is ideal.

Lingerie sneaks into your closet

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner have made it fashionable and it must be said that wearing a lace bralette to an evening event scores points if you want to crown yourself the sexiest at the party. But do not lose sight of the following advice if you do not want to become the worst dressed in the place. An equally sensual option for those who have a lot of chest is to opt for a V-neckline or halter top.

Flared or tight dress, which is better? 

Tight and ribbed dress or more flared and flared? It depends on your body shape! The first ones are perfect for slim girls without curves and, on the contrary, the flared ones fit perfectly with those with more curves, or perhaps you haven’t noticed the outfits that Demi Lovato wears on the red carpets.

Crop top, the most desired

It is here to stay and we all dream of wearing a crop top in the purest style of Bella Hadid, and we can do it if we pay attention to these tricks. If your figure is more oval, try combining your crop top with high-waisted pants. On the other hand, it looks better (and this applies to any type of body) that the top is looser if the pants are tight or vice versa, although if your goal is to be the object of all eyes you can risk with top and bottom (pants or skirt) tight.

Oversized garments, how to take advantage of them

They are comfortable, very practical and perfect for giving your look a very casual air, but… pay attention to girls with an inverted triangle shape. Of course, you can always wear a wide jacket and two sizes larger than the one that would correspond to you, but then try to put a tight shirt underneath and that its length does not exceed the bottom of the waist.

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