Ideas to combine a knitted vest: attractive and trendy looks

Surely you have seen it in most of the shop windows of shopping malls and fashion houses, catwalks and even in street style, if you still do not know what hit item we are talking about this season, we give you a clue: it is one of the Most used by grandparents. Now yes? Of course, the knitted vest is the fashionable garment of the moment and you cannot miss it if being in trend is your thing. That’s why we bring you different options to combine it and look splendid mid-season through very attractive and trendy looks.

The good thing about these vests is that they are timeless, that is, you can wear them in different seasons of the year, it is best to take advantage of the halftime and not the temperatures that are so hot or cold. So let’s see together some ideas to combine a knitted vest.

How to combine your knitted vest? 

We can find them plain, braided in point eight, with the famous houndstooth weave, with rhombuses, colours, with high necks or a V neckline. Get in the campaign to choose yours and we are sure that it will become one of the most popular garments. chosen to carry in your day to day. Now yes, let’s see how to combine a knitted vest.

Knit vest with white shirt

  • Undoubtedly the best combination we could take. The white shirt, so noble and off-road, looks perfect with any knitted vest. The ideal would be to wear it with a V neckline to show its open or closed neck.
  • If you are wondering how to complete the look and what to wear at the bottom, it is very simple. A pair of jeans, whether skinny, oxford or culotte, will look great with a vest in your favorite shade. To close this outfit, you can wear mules with sheepskin and golden chain details.
  • You can also wear black leggings if the shirt is wide enough to cover your rear and look comfortable at the same time.

Go for the turtleneck or turtleneck

V-neck vests are not the only option you will find on the market, there are also high-necked ones, more than elegant. If you go for them, you will most likely find them in neutral colors such as beige, white, camel or black, which makes them a versatile garment when combining it. In this case, you will not be able to play with shirt collars, but with puffed sleeves of the tulip or princess type, in this way you will be wearing two trendy garments. If it is a day with the most springtime temperature, try wearing ¾ sleeves or simply roll up your sleeves.

Oversize for the most risky 

Another way to wear your knitted vest is with an oversize fit, that is, wider than normal. This gives us the opportunity to use it as if it were a dress. One of the most beautiful options is to combine a beige knitted vest with opaque black tights and boots in the same color. If you think your figure looks too big, you can narrow your waist with a belt that matches your shoes.

Full knitted set

Did you know that vests are not the only knitwear that is in style? The big brands have also echoed knitted pants, whether they are shorts or joggers, you can combine them with your vest and put together an exceptional outfit. Try tucking the top inside the pants to further stylize the figure and make your legs look longer.

White look with contrast

The vests give a certain formality to your looks, so it is not a surprise that it looks great with white pants that also brings elegance, this can be a pacifier or oxford for a more British style. Try to wear a shirt of the same color, that is, we are going to generate the famous monocolor effect, and add contrast with a vest in earth tones, it can also be a rhombus print. To complete this outfit, try brown Texan boots and a crossbody bag.

Leather effect trousers

If there is a classic of the last few seasons that is the leather or leather effect pants. Dress it with a white long-sleeved body shirt and a black vest, you will get a perfect look for the night. Add some silver accessories such as chains with pendants in different lengths and combat boots for an even more rocker effect.

Of the cropped type

  • Perhaps your style does not go hand in hand with a hip-length vest as we have been seeing so far. If this is the case, try a cropped vest, that is, short. They usually come with a length at the waist which makes them ideal to wear with high-waisted garments. You can wear it with a pencil skirt to the body or a short plaid to look more in tune with the preppy style. In the latter case, if the garment you are wearing below is patterned, try betting on plain vests on top.
  • The ideal footwear for the pencil skirt are stilettos that go with the rest of the outfit, while if you opt for short skirts you can wear the latest trend chunky boots or loafers with tights to walk all day.

Knitted vest in a sport key

  • If your style is sportier chic, this is your chance to dress it as it should. For slightly cooler days, you can wear your favorite diver with a vest over it, make sure that the hood is on the outside so as not to generate unwanted bulges.
  • If you dare more, put on some black running shorts, a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a vest on top. Obviously, this set cannot be missing some good platform sneakers or plain white sneakers.

Knit vest with jean shirt

We have already said that white shirts are the best way to wear your vest, but this does not mean that it is the only color with which you can combine them. Try to wear it over a jean shirt, they are ideal to combine with colors like beige, white and black. The best way to complete your look is with jeans, white or khaki pants, put on some polo-style boots below the knees and you will have an outfit to stand out.

Play with different necks 

  • The shirt collar is not the only one with which you can combine your knitted vest. Try giving way to more played collars such as the bobo collar, the one with large lapels with lace details or the Elizabethan collar, which bears its name because it is the current reversal of the collar that Queen Elizabeth wore in her dresses during the sixteenth century. These garments will give a much more differential touch to your looks with a vest.
  • We bet that you already have in mind what kind of outfit to replicate for your next mid-season outing. Have you seen how a vintage garment can come back over time? Grab your knitted vest and tag us in your best photo, you will undoubtedly be a trend guru.

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