Ideas to dress correctly in a First Communion

On the day of the First Communion the protagonists are the children and it is in them that the mothers put all their efforts so that they are radiant. But we must not forget that it is a celebration where we meet again with family and friends before whom we want to offer a good image. That is why it is important that, as a guest, whether you are part of the family or someone close to you, you get the best out of your figure and surprise with a look that shows the best of you. But, how to hit with a suitable style for the occasion?

The First Communion is a social event, although it does not reach the magnitude of a wedding, where the use of headdresses, hats and gala dresses gives the celebration a special distinction. But neither is it the typical family meal to which one goes with jeans, a cute jumper and some striking accessories that provide a chicer touch.

How to hit with a First Communion look

  1. For this occasion, which is normally celebrated at noon and in months where the heat is already present, it is a wise decision to opt for short dresses in spring patterns or colours.
  2. With light tights and open-backed shoes or colorful sandals you will complete an ideal look for this event. If the dress leaves a lot of skin exposed, don’t forget a thin jacket to match the dress, at least to be in church, since it is frowned upon to remain bare-shouldered during mass.
  3. Another idea is to opt for a jacket and skirt set, in light pastel or ecru colors. They greatly stylize the figure and, if you dare with a brooch, you will give your look a much more personal air. A matching sandal or shoe and a clutch will complete a style according to this special occasion.
  4. So that you are clearer about the type of models that can suit you best according to your tastes and your figure, you can take a look below at those that some celebrities have worn at the First Communion of their children or relatives and get a good grade.

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