Rosa Clará wedding dresses: the new Grace Kelly

A feminine woman and authentic classic diva dresses is Rosa Clará’s proposal for wedding dresses this 2013. We see long wedding dresses and the cocktail cut for brides in semi-long dresses is also beginning to be common.

As for the colors, not just the classic white anymore. We see brides in pastel tones and fabrics like silk, typical of the dresses of the divas of the 30s.

50s inspired wedding dresses

  • The woman that Rosa Clará proposes for weddings is the protagonist of a fairy tale. Very marked waists, skirts with a lot of flare perhaps enhanced as in the 50s with can or petticoats. V-necklines with bare backs, funnel necks with Chanel’s signature draped fabric and lace to add a ceremonial touch to the brand’s works of art.
  • Rosa Clará has dressed brides like Mischa Barton or Paulina Rubio. For this collection, she bets on a woman who looks natural and even girlish beauty. In the designs we see pastel pink and blue, off-white and even nude in some silk design that the wedding dress brand masterfully combines with a wavy hairstyle, typical of Hollywood in the 30s with Marlene Dietrich or Gilda with Rita Hayworth. spectacular on stage.
  • We have loved Rosa Clará’s commitment to floral brocades and lace, and we have been surprised by the draping and the Chanel-style jacket mixed with a flared skirt. Altogether a woman reminiscent of the great Grace Kelly with her blonde hair pulled back in a low bun, pearl earrings and her wonderful white and light blue ball gowns.

Wedding dresses with bows that go from the waist to the back

  • Rosa Clara’s wedding dresses have bows in every way, at the neckline, at the back and at the waist. The bow is undoubtedly the symbol of the feminine woman and the firm bets on it in her designs for these 2013 weddings. The bow enhances the beauty of the back, one of the most beautiful parts in gala dresses, and marks her waist, thus enhancing the feminine silhouette.
  • The bows give the line a childlike air but at the same time elegant and sophisticated, typical of the designs of the 50s. It is undoubtedly one of the symbols of this 2013 bridal collection. The dresses with bows accompanied by an updo in bow, clear bet of the bridal firm is undoubtedly the key to looking like a movie star on your wedding day.

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