5 less useful fashion trends for everyday life

There are few fashion trends that are useful for everyday use, but that’s how fashion is, an exciting world that reflects a changing society. For example, around the time of World War II, skirts began to get shorter due to the need to streamline the fabric, and jeans became widespread for women as work clothes. But what happens now?

They say that everything is invented, but where do the new trends come from? Do they adapt to our times and our day to day? The answer is that, in a stable society without major changes, there is everything: serviceable and useful fashion, as well as pretty fashion, and fashion that, although it may seem cute at first glance, is useless for everyday life.

Coincidentally, these less useful trends are the ones that, if you look closely, are always cornered in the space of balances, as final auction sales. But there are brands that, despite this, continue to bet on garments that, at first glance, are doomed to failure. We are going to review the most useless and/or impractical garments of recent seasons.

Sleeveless coat

Let’s be honest: when we see it on an influencer, we love it for its vibe, but could a sleeveless coat be less practical? We use coats in the rigors of winter and sleeves are necessary to protect our arms from the cold! Sleeveless trench coats could still have a pass, as they are transitional garments and can work by removing the sleeves, but a sleeveless cloth coat, like Jessica Biel’s, designers IS NOT USEFUL.

Fluffy sandals

Or what is the same sandals with hair. But not a little hair on the detail of the instep. We have seen sandals, like slippers for walking around the house in the middle of winter, that is, lined with fur for summer! Don’t your feet sweat just looking at them on the store shelf? But, what about its winter version, how strong has it hit this winter? Loafers open at the back and lined with fur, like the ones worn by Alexa Chung. The inner hair sticks to my face in the cold, but the back opening? Can you imagine going to work at eight in the morning, at two degrees below zero, with your heel exposed?

Broken jeans

They have been with us for several seasons and they have a lot of vibes, but, let’s be real, it is very impractical to wear that macro ventilation in the middle of the leg in the month of January, for example. Take a look at Elena Tablada’s look.

Short-sleeved or sleeveless turtleneck sweaters

A whole classic. Short-sleeved turtlenecks, like Elena Anaya’s, are impractical by definition. To be on the street and with a coat on you will surely have cold arms and then, inside the air-conditioned bars your arms will be at an ideal temperature, but your face and neck will start to sweat dangerously…

Sandals with socks

This winter, bloggers have started to wear a very impractical trend and, above all, very little warm: sandals with socks. A very chic fashion, but nothing feasible if you don’t drive to the very door of your inner destination, as model Jessica Hart surely will.

What other absurd or impractical trends can you think of that you have seen in stores lately? In fashion, do you bet on trend or practicality?

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