Wedding dresses 2013 by Pepe Botella

Lucía Botella extols her father’s name with the ‘Herencia’ collection of the Pepe Botella firm for wedding dresses. Dresses that enhance feminine elegance on one of the most special days in a woman’s life, her wedding day.

The mixture of fabrics and embroidery with precious metals predominate, achieving a white dress with details in gold brocade, worthy of a princess. They are undoubtedly luxurious dresses with a lot of personality, as reflected by the model chosen by the firm, with a lipstick, emphasizing her sexiest and elegant side with an updo in a bow.

Wedding dresses with black details: silk bows

  • To adorn the designs in white. Lucía Botella chooses precious silk bows in dark blue and black to wrap the waist of the wedding dresses with a large bow and thus allow the flared skirts to fall from a narrow bodice. We also see that the firm takes brooches to take care of every last detail in these silk bows.
  • With this accessory, Pepe Botella incorporates the two star colors in fashion, white and black, in total harmony to go up to the altar. It is ideal for the most modern brides, who seek to break the white of the wedding dress with details. The firm also proposes an ethnic bride with silver bracelets up to the middle of the arm and hoop earrings and of course the detail of the red lips. A sensual, feminine and daring bride.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

  • We see strapless necklines that cinch until they become a corset in the purest style of Jean Paul Gaultier. Combined with skirts ranging from silky to feathered. The key to Pepe Botella’s wedding dresses lies in the mix of fabrics and attention to detail, in beading, silk or satin.
  • Pepe Botella is committed to showing a bride who is sure of herself and a lover of luxury and detail, hence her delicate floral embroideries, her lace and her sashes with gemstone brooches. Undoubtedly dream wedding dresses for those brides looking for a special touch for their wedding day.

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