10 Ideas to wear the denim jacket

One of the garments that every year becomes a must have in your outfits is the denim jacket. It works for those summer nights when it’s cool, it goes with all the colors of the rainbow, they come in a lot of shapes (bolero jacket, with sheepskin, more boyish style, with parks, bomber), you can combine it with jeans, with a tracksuit or with a dress, long live the versatility! and, except for the moments when you have to dress up and take off your high heels and your floor-length dress, it’s great for a day of shopping, to go to work, to attend a festival or, why not, to a romantic date with your boy. Paula Echevarriaand many other celebrities know it and that is why they do not hesitate to have one, two or even three denim jackets in their closet. That you still don’t have yours? Run to your favorite store.

How to wear the denim jacket?

  • The total denim (denim fabric on the top, but also on the bottom) is a look that more and more celebrities are betting on. And it is not the only trend in the world of denim jackets: those that are short look great with a crop top, as is the case of Alessandra Ambrosio (in the center), but also with high-waisted jeans, in the style of Selena Gomez (left) or Úrsula Corberó (right). Do you sign up for this proposal?
  • Boy style. The rather wide denim jacket, like two sizes more and as if you had stolen it from your boy’s closet is a trend that little by little is permeating among Hollywood celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence (left), Kendall Jenner (center) or Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t take it off for their morning outings where they try to stay away from the cameras. And, perhaps coincidence, but have you noticed that they all have a complement that is a common denominator? Sunglasses, we’re on it!
  • The classic. If you are still one of the few fashionistas who does not have a denim jacket in your closet, we recommend that you get a classic one: straight shape and colors without stone washes, or sheepskin or rips. When it comes to wearing it and/or combining it, you can do like Emma Stone (left) or Emma Roberts (in the center) and wear it thrown over the men with a skirt or a dress, or if you want to give it a little more glamour, fall on the one hand as Gigi Hadid does and with a checked garment, a trend for the next season.

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