Shopping online can make you happier

This is not an ode to consumerism, nor to the need to possess material things to achieve Nirvana. We simply try to analyze what happens when we click ‘buy’ on an online page and wait for the package we have chosen to arrive. It is similar to the feeling of momentary happiness, and it can even be beneficial for our self-esteem.

The joy of buying online step by step

  1. Quiet search. Who is going to overwhelm you while looking for clothes if you are simply looking for it from the screen of your computer or smartphone? Nobody. The best thing -and what will make you happiest- about buying online is that you can spend all the time you need.
  2. Everything at a click. And it is precisely this calm search that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of having everything just one click away, one step away. It is simply convenient that you organize your budget so as not to ‘lose’ your head and choose what we really need. Without haste and without judgments, all happiness.
  3. Sweet wait. That moment of momentary joy when the doorbell rings and you think it’s that package you’ve been waiting for days. Constant email checking in case there is a delay or a loss… nothing more exciting than waiting before delivery.
  4. Result at home. Because the best thing about having made an online purchase is when that package, be it fashion, beauty, accessories, a book or some decoration, finally arrives. And you are at home quietly enjoying it, trying it out without anyone seeing you and taking advantage of your purchase. And if you are not convinced, there is always the return -some are also online-, which will facilitate the process once again.

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