Men’s fashion 2015: autumn winter and spring summer season

The powerhouse fashion industry never takes a vacation, just like the world’s top designers and leading menswear brands do. In the following lines we make a brief review of the trends in textiles for men that triumph during this 2015.

Autumn Winter Men’s Fashion

  • An informal and urban wardrobe during the day combined with a sophisticated air for the night summarizes the trend in men’s fashion for this 2015. In outerwear, two great classics stand out represented by the aviator jacket and the bomber jacket, as well as the traditional blazer with which suits can be adequately accompanied. The denim jacket or the raincoat for rainy days complete this important section in the men’s wardrobe.
  • Designers are betting for this Autumn Winter on fabrics as handy as cloth or tweed for sweaters, cardigans and pants, as well as for other accessories such as scarves and handkerchiefs. When it comes to color trends, attention should be paid to earth tones and dark colors in general.
  • For special occasions, the classic fitted dress pants stand out combined with a shirt, vest, blazer -gabardine for colder days- and tie. A very traditional look that leaves room for garments such as turtleneck sweaters.

Spring Summer Trends

  • The traditional rigor and the more rigid canons give way to the use of larger sizes than usual during the Spring Summer season. Both the jackets and the shirts and pants are designed around unusual volumes, giving these garments a more informal touch, as well as bohemian and sporty.
  • The predominant colors during this season are very strong, such as blue, grey, royal blue, sand, light gray and black. For casual clothing, we can find lighter and pastel color trends such as coral, mint and purple.
  • For this collection of lightweight fabrics, the use of cotton as the dominant material is primarily committed, although there are proposals aimed at using linen, which begins to have a greater presence in the men’s wardrobe during the warmer seasons.

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