17 Halloween Costume Trends 2022: Latest Scary Looks

What nerves! Or rather, how scary! Halloween is coming. The most terrifying and also the funniest night of the year is just around the corner, so, in addition to the many preparations, including the party, it’s time to talk about the costume. What are you going to go this year? There are those who prefer to improvise and wear what they have at home and there are those who prefer to bet on the latest trends. Yes, yes, as you can hear, when it comes to the scary costumes, fashion also has a lot to say. Do you want to discover each and every one of the costume trends for this Halloween 2022? Take note that we tell you!

Fashion and trends for Halloween, this year the costumes that will be seen the most are…

What are the costumes that will be seen the most on the streets of half the world on the night of October 31? Will they repeat the classics? Will those inspired by scary movies be in fashion? And what about dressing up the whole group of friends in the same thing?

To clear up doubts, you and we have been doing some research and, it turns out, that for this occasion the majority will opt for the suits that you are going to discover right now. So that you do not have complaints or doubts that they are worth, we have divided them into Halloween costumes for children, women, men and couples. Now you can choose yours!

Fashionable costumes for women for Halloween 2022, which of them do you prefer?

Let’s see, this year, from what we have been able to find out, they prefer to choose costumes that are very scary and that are also feminine…

  1. Wicked and wicked witch

A classic that never goes out of style. The one who likes to dress up as an evil witch, she repeats more than once. She does not surprise us, it is a resultón set, easy to achieve and that suits us all. Is this also going to be your choice? You’re in luck then because it’s all the rage. Remember to put on your hat and grab the broom before going out to ask the neighbors for sweets.

One option that you are going to see (and a lot) this year on the streets of your city are the costumes from the movie The Return of the Witches (Hocus Pocus), which in 2022 sees the light again with its second film. And if you dress up with two friends of these beloved witches? That would be the coolest idea!

  1. Batgirl or Wanda (Scarlet Witch) costume

Who is Batgirl? Well, Batman but in the female version. We already told you that this year he plays the costumes of weapons to take. Tight black leather suit, yellow bat emblem and mask. Do you see him? Well, he sees designing yours to avoid unnecessary burdens at the last minute.

In this sense, one of the options that will be repeated the most in 2022 is the Scarlet Witch costume. With her red suit, we have been able to see her in movies and in her own series of the Marvel saga. So it is a very good option to dress up this year. Also, if you want to go together with your partner, let him dress up as Vision. A costume that will give a lot to talk about.

  1. Corpse bride, couldn’t miss it!

What will that movie have that we like so much, right? If you want to revive her, become her protagonist for one night and wear a trendy outfit, then you already know what your costume will be for Halloween night 2022, the corpse bride! Needless to say, this set is not complete unless it is accompanied by its corresponding makeup.

  1. Cruella DeVil

You already know how it is, right? A nice tight suit in a shiny black color and very, very striking, long red silk gloves, stiletto heels and an evil look where there are full of bad intentions, you have to get into the role! To achieve the desired effect, accompany your outfit with a disheveled and tousled hairstyle, put on a good hairspray so that it lasts intact all night.

  1. Harley Quinn

If there is a costume that is repeated year after year for Halloween, it is that of Harley Quinn. She is so simple and so feminine at the same time that there are many who cannot miss the opportunity to show her outfit to the world on the most terrifying night of the year. Remember to put on a top, blue shorts and her classic hairstyle: pink and blue pigtails, each one in a different color. You can also be more faithful to the comics and get a black and red costume, you’ll be great!

Costume ideas for men that are in fashion this Halloween 2022

We tell you some ideas that are going to devastate the night of October 31 and you already decide which one you prefer. The same thing that we have said before, the look that has all the pieces: costume, makeup and hairstyle.

  1. The paper house characters

The most popular Netflix series of all time gives up its mask to anyone who wants to join the cause, or just the Halloween party. Red jumpsuit and the mask worn by the protagonists so that no one recognizes their face. Rest assured that this will be the choice of more than one.

  1. The Squid Game

We continue with the series and this time we came across The Squid Game, a series that caused a sensation last year and is back with more force for this Halloween 2022. You can dress up as the players with their green tracksuits, as the guardian with a red jumpsuit and their masks, or as the doll from the first game in the series. Up to you!

  1. The classic ghost repeats this year

Ghost costumes are still one of their favorites because of their simplicity and how well they look. Raise your hand whoever asks for it for this year! Remember to work on the part of the eyes that is the one that will give realism to the whole.

  1. Doe-eyed mummy

Also in white, the mummy costume competes this year with that of the ghost. What do you think of the idea of ​​the whole group of friends dressing up as mummies? It will be great!

Costumes for Halloween 2022 ideal for children

For the little ones in the house, be careful, mom and dad can go together, we have some irresistible ideas that are each more cool. Tell the children what they are going to take on this occasion and allow them to choose, they will be very excited!

  1. Skeleton, only for the most daring

Costume from head to toe in black with the skeleton drawn in white. When your children tell you what they can dress up as this year, do not hesitate to put this idea on the table, they will love it!

  1. One of those clowns that is so scary just by looking at it

With a bulging nose, squeaky eyes and big shoes included. Don’t forget the tousled red hair. Why would you be very scared to see a group of children all dressed up as clowns? In this sense, you can use the movie It as an example, with its terrifying clown.

And if you like the movie, you can also dress up your little one as the boy who appears in it with his yellow raincoat and a red balloon. And if you dress up as the clown and your son or daughter as the protagonist? It’s a perfect idea!

  1. Frankenstein, the favorite of boys and girls!

It is not that it is an easy costume to make but it is very cool. You can put complications aside and go to a costume store and order one for your child. What matters is that he likes it and that he has a lot of fun.

  1. Wednesday, from the Addams Family

The star of the movie the Addams Family lends her gloomy look to all children for the night of October 31. And if the whole family each dress up as one of these characters? Don’t forget to take a photo as a souvenir!

Costumes for couples that are a trend for the night of October 31

What about couples who want to go the same? What outfits will be in style this year? Let’s see…

  1. Damn, terrifyingly ideal!

Demon for him and her, in the characteristic red color and with the trident included. Who asks? Rest assured that more than one couple has raised their hands.

  1. The undead boyfriends go for a walk

A couple who love each other, who died many years ago but who happen to be resurrected every night of October 31 to take a walk around the city… Without a doubt, another costume that will succeed this year.

  1. Vampire and vamp go hand in hand

Costumes as classic as this one of vampires continue to be liked a lot, which is why, year after year, they repeat among the trends in costumes for Halloween. Do you like the idea? Remember that in addition to the suit you have to prepare the make-up that must also match the one your partner is wearing and the accessories: long teeth, cape… You will make yourself look great!

Your favorite movies or series

What do you think about dressing up as The Nightmare Before Christmas? Jack Skeleton and Sally will jump from the screen to real life through your costumes. The protagonist’s black and white striped suit together with the dress made with various fabrics of different colors and long red or orange hair will cause a sensation wherever you go.

If you like the series, you can choose some terrifying outfit from them. For example, from Stranger Things, from Breaking Bad with his yellow overalls, from Game of Thrones (each a character), or from Beetlejuice and Lydia Deetz. They are the most spectacular ideas.

What do you think of all these ideas? Now that you know what the trends in Halloween costumes are going to be for this year 2022, it’s up to you to choose which one you prefer.

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