What type of body favors the strapless neckline?

A neckline is a difficult choice, especially if you want to make sure it looks good on you. What type of body does the strapless neckline favor? And the boat type? And the V neckline? Like, for example, the length of a dress, this part of our clothing can attract attention in both a positive and negative way. It will always communicate a lot about us: security, sophistication, elegance, daring, sensuality… But, at the same time, making a mistake in choosing it can mean feeling uncomfortable or insecure.

But, what type of body does the strapless neckline favor?

  • In order not to feel uncomfortable, we just have to choose the one that best suits our body type. Not all necklines are the same, not all favor the same body type and recognizing ours, knowing which one suits us well and choosing one with which we really see ourselves is the first step to succeed wherever you go. The second is to carry it with our heads held high, knowing that our choice has been more than successful.
  • Among the types of necklines from which we can choose, one of the most used, classic, elegant and fun at the same time is the strapless. It is characterized by not having straps and being straight in the chest area, leaving the shoulders and collarbones exposed, a suggestive and very feminine area.
  • It is a neckline that favors a lot, but not all body types. To know if it suits you, you have to take into account different issues: the size of the chest, your body posture, the shape of your body… Let’s go step by step.
  1. According to the size of the chest
  • In the case of the strapless it is perfect if you have an intermediate chest size. Forget about it if you have a big chest, as it will create the visual sensation that you have an even bigger chest. In addition, it is possible that, even if you wear it well attached, you are uncomfortable and you do nothing but pull it up all the time. This is a fairly common mistake among people who choose this neckline, but it is a very ugly gesture if we repeat it frequently. What does fashion matter when it doesn’t make us feel good?
  • This same thing can happen if you have too small a chest. That effect will be multiplied and added to the compression or bandage effect that will not do you any favors.
  1. Regarding the shoulders and arms
  • The strapless neckline is an elegant neckline that will show off best if your posture is straight, elongated, and has thin shoulders and collarbones. In addition, it will be perfect for you if you have thin or fibrous arms.
  • However, if you’re slumped over and tend to slump your shoulders, it won’t suit you very well. Just like if you have a large bust and wide arms, it will enhance that part a lot, there will be an excess of volume and it will seem that that area of ​​your body is more robust than it really is.
  1. Strapless neckline according to your body type
  • In general, a strapless neckline will look good if you are a curvy woman, you are tall, or you have a small or medium neck (since it will visually lengthen it).
  • This does not mean that even if you do not have the image that a strapless dress usually favors, you cannot wear it. Each garment is a world and it is possible that you find one that feels good to you regardless of whether or not you comply with what we have just told you.
  • If you opt for this type of neckline, accompany it with a bracelet and long earrings. Another option is to wear small earrings and choose a small pendant for the neck. The latter depends on tastes because there are those who think that a word of honor is worn to show off that part of the chest and shoulders exposed and nothing should be worn around the neck.

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