Decalogue to survive sales

If you are thinking of renewing your wardrobe, if the clothes you have from other seasons seem bland and boring, if you need to treat yourself to a mood that will lift your spirits and make you feel even more divine if possible… you are in luck! The sales are just around the corner, a great opportunity to buy a lot and spend a little!

But… there are times when our strategy doesn’t work out and we end up taking home clothes that we didn’t need, that we didn’t quite like, that didn’t fit us well, but because of the “offers” there they are, on our bed, not really knowing what to do with them. If you have already gone through this situation in other sales, it is because you did not carry our super Decalogue with you to survive the sales. Take good note and you will ensure that your bank account does not drop precipitously and your closet is filled with useful and practical things. Ready? We’re going on sale!

How to survive sales (and not die trying)?

  1. Set a budget

The best way to control what you spend is to establish a maximum of what you want to spend and when you reach that limit, stop and that’s it. It will be the best way to avoid scares. And how is this budget established? Depending on what you earn, you can put 10% or 20%, but never go beyond that. Here it is also very tempting to pay with a bank card, because it is a way to deceive us, but deep down, whether they give it to you this month or next, you are spending your money.

  1. Don’t be fooled by deceptive offers

That moment when you are about to enter a store and see a sign that says “Everything at 70%”… Does it ring true? Not always that “everything” refers to “everything”. Take a good look at the labels and check later at the checkout that they have given you the discount that it says.

  1. Get basic

The sales are the perfect time to get those clothes that you can use throughout the year. How about some blue jeans that never go out of style and that you can get at a lower price? Or that basic white t-shirt that always goes well with everything?

  1. Don’t get caught up in the new season

It’s a tactic many stores use. They put the nice thing right at the beginning of the store so that you fall, but this year with you that they don’t count, you already know the trick and you’re not going to fall, why not?

  1. Leave something for the second and third sales

It is starting the sales and launching ourselves to buy a lot of things, but don’t worry, there are things that are not going to end and that perhaps you can get a better price if you wait a few weeks. Here we recommend that if it’s something you like very, very, very much, you get it as soon as possible, but if it’s something you don’t care about, for example some shirts with drawings, wait and your wallet will thank you.

  1. Examine your closet beforehand to see what you need

Just as we tell you that it is good to set a limit on what you are going to spend, it would be advisable to do the same with what you want to buy. Make a list on your mobile with those garments that you do need to renew and, why not, also add the odd whim.

  1. Go with someone who advises you

Going on sales can be a good time to spend time with that friend you haven’t seen for a long time. Also, if you doubt whether something looks good on you or favors you, you will always have an opinion to turn to.

  1. Save the tickets in case you want to exchange something

As we know that despite everything we tell you, you will always fall for something extra, keep the receipts in case you regret it and want to make a refund.

  1. Discounts pre- sales 

Weeks before the fat season of the sales, many brands put juicy discounts to attract the public. Be careful of these price drops, because they are often more profitable than waiting until D-day and H-hour. And, of course, also check the online offers, because sometimes you can find big differences.

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