Manual to combine shirts with shoulder pads: unique vintage looks

For a few years the shoulder pads have returned, and it seems that they have done so to stay. All the fashionistas, influencers and celebrities are already wearing them, so don’t hesitate when it comes to getting a t-shirt with this characteristic. A little secret? You can inspect the closets of your grandmother or your mother, surely you will find some. Remember that in fashion everything comes back, and vintage garments give a unique touch to your looks.

If you still don’t know very well how to combine it, don’t worry! In this article we bring you the style manual to learn how to combine shirts with shoulder pads, that is, those with a round neck and muscular with their wide sides. Do you dare to show them off? Look look!

Where do the shirts with shoulder pads come from?

After World War II, women wanted to give an image of strength and they did this by broadening their backs with shoulder pads. But its true boom was during the 80’s with changes in the labor market, women achieved greater insertion by making themselves heard and projecting a unique image of female empowerment, giving rise to the trend of power dressing. Since then, shoulder pads have been reinvented year after year on the catwalk until they make their new and long-awaited return.

How to combine shirts with shoulder pads?

What we must take into account when making a shirt with shoulder pads is that it will surely widen our upper part, that is, the shoulders, hence its name, and our back. Therefore, if you are small in that part, this type of garments that give volume will look perfect on you. They also look good on rectangular and hourglass body types where we can mark our waist with volume garments on both sides. But so that you don’t just keep imagining what kind of garments to combine a t-shirt with shoulder pads with, let’s see the different options that we have.

Office worker style with shoulder pads shirt

Put on your plain white t-shirt with shoulder pads with high-waisted tailored pants like a working girl, these can be in the same color or you can also try them in dark shades such as gray or black. Wear a belt with a large buckle detail and nude strappy sandals for more elegance. If you dare with white pants you can add some animal print shoes, they will give your look an explosion of style.

Wide leg or wide pants to be in the latest fashion

Have you seen one of the latest pants trends yet? The wide leg pants are pants with wide legs and a high waist, they correspond to the oversize trend and we already love them. So if you are trying to wear an outfit that is very fashionable, this will undoubtedly be your best option. Whether it’s jeans, black pants or very wide ones in earth colors, wear these pants with a white shirt also to achieve a completely classic outfit in terms of tones but with a lot of vibes.

Baggy pants: comfort and style

Another of the coolest options are baggy pants, lose or wide pants. They are usually fitted at the waist and then fall to the ankle. Although its termination is straight, the idea is that it is not tight on the legs. It is best to wear them rolled up, revealing our footwear. But before going to the accessories, let’s think about the complete set. Wear some very light camel-colored baggy pants with a shirt with shoulder pads in the same hue, it can also be black. You will see how the volume in both parts helps to form the much-desired wasp waist. We love this combination with Texan-style boots in black.

Shoulder pads t-shirt with a pair of shorts

  • Whether they’re a cute pair of jean, pleated, or leather shorts, they look great with a shoulder-padded T-shirt. The important thing is that your shot is also high, keep in mind that we are going to want to mark our waist all the time.
  • With jean shorts we achieve a completely summer look and most importantly, we show off our legs. It is ideal for going to the beach, so we recommend using this set with flat sandals that are comfortable for you to walk on the sand.
  • The pinched shorts are ideal if we want to achieve a much more dressed-up outfit, so wear these shorts with your black t-shirt, a matching belt and of course some shoes in the sole color, you can take advantage and bring a printed bag to add something color.
  • Finally, if what you want is to achieve the best night look, we recommend some leather shorts. Here you can opt for a total black look wearing the shirt with shoulder pads in black as well or play with prints or more daring colors like red for example. In this case, we are going to recommend you to wear nude-colored sandals with heels, the more it resembles your skin tone, the better, because in this way there will be no cut and your legs will look much longer.

Pencil skirt + shoulder pads shirt

For those women with a triangular or pear figure, this combination will make them look great. Keep in mind that what we are doing is bringing volume to the top, so the attention will be placed there. Of course, since your lower part is already much wider than normal, we will not draw even more attention, so we will use dark colors, black is the ideal but you can also try a moss green or burgundy if you want to change a bit with your pencil skirt The shirt with shoulder pads should of course be as light as possible so you can wear beige or of course immaculate white. Nothing makes this outfit look more feminine than a nice pair of stilettos.

Cargo pants

With a masculine style, these pants go perfectly with a garment with shoulder pads if we review their history, since they scream feminine strength wherever we see them. In this way you will give a strong and firm image. To add a more feminine touch, of course, strappy sandals with a stiletto heel will look great. You can wear the shirt in earth colors or black, add some chains in golden tones and you’ll be ready to go out and dazzle everyone with your look.

With animal print

What do you think of wearing your shoulder pads t-shirt with animal print? Sounds good right? Well then let’s put it to the test. Choose a skirt with a print and put on the most basic shirt possible, this is in black or white, you will see how the outfit is taking shape. If you are one of those who encourages very canchero looks, add some chunky boots and a wallet with a chain and studs.

You’ve already seen how t-shirts with shoulder pads combine with practically everything, so you have no excuses for wearing them. Like the most famous instagramers, echo this trend and go out and show it off.

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