Taylor Swift, Selena Gómez, Letizia Ortiz… Green, the color of fashion

In times of crisis it is good to keep hope and fashion is a great reflection of this. This summer 2013, the color chosen by designers is green in all its variants, from mint green, more acid and striking, to military green, through elegant emerald green, ideal for party dresses.The Pantone Institute, as an authority on color, has also named emerald green the color of 2013. Green transmits positivity and is also the most abundant color in nature. So say no more, this summer we encourage you to wear green.

Celebrities in green

  • From royalty to the it girls of the moment, green is worn in all its chromatic variety. Like precious stones, celebrities have posed in emerald green on the red carpets of the 2013 Grammys and Oscars. But we also see green init fits both blondes and brunettes like a glove. Miranda Kerr and the Princess of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz, opted for a similar model. Both wore different finery, an emerald green brocade dress with sleeves to the elbow, with a round neckline and semi-long. pants, shirts and street style accessories. Even the most daring paint their nails and eyes green, a very flattering color for light-eyed brunettes like Katy Perry. We review the style of some celebrities who put green in their clothes. Take note!
  • Helen Lindes, is one of those addicted to green. The model, who now stars in the new campaign of the beauty brand Avon, combined in one of her public appearances aquamarine green skinny pants, with a white T-shirt and a beige asymmetrical jacket. The top model always opts for simple makeup, mascara to enhance her green look and her loose hair.
  • Emerald green is the perfect color to go to a party or a gala, in a dress A model that can be used both in day and night events. In addition, low cost stores such as Zara or Blanco have similar models at a more than reasonable price.
  • It is difficult to combine green and it feels good, however some celebrities like Taylor Swift manage to create a perfect outfit. The singer chooses aquamarine green for a denim lapel shirt. Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend chooses jean shorts and Way Farer to complete her look for her day. Of course you cannot miss the lip rouge that the singer likes so much.
  • In nude or acid tones, green cannot be missing this summer. The most daring like Selena Gomez, are flooded in a green jungle for a daytime look. Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend combines a green tropical print jumpsuit with a fluorescent green semi-cropped jacket. Green enhances the tan of the singer and actress, enhancing her natural beauty.
  • You already know, in any shade, green is fashionable on the streets. Look at the celebrities who do not leave an outfit worth its salt without a detail in this color. Combine it with a lipstick to enhance the sexy and wild side of the color or with pinks and nude tones if you prefer to enhance its classic elegance and sweet air

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