What is the sporty chic look: clothes to show off the Athleisure style?

Influencers and celebrities dare, more and more, to wear very simple outfits with a different touch so as not to fall into boring outfits. And it is that, as you already know, you have to know how to combine sportswear with other more arranged ones so as not to wear a disastrous look. Tracksuit looks with a clutch or sneakers with darts are flooding social networks, because the sporty chic style is becoming more and more trendy.

If you are one of those who think that leggings are the new denim and that low-cost garments combine perfectly with other higher-quality ones, then you also bet on “less is more” and on sportier and informal outfits. In this article we tell you what the sporty chic look is, what are the essential garments to wear the Athleisure style. Very attentive!

What is the sporty chic look?

  • Sporty looks fill the streets of half the world, those garments that are no longer just for sports and that, in addition, are mixed with other dressier ones. Your name? The Athleisure trend. It began as a trend among the celebs (Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian, among many others) to end up spreading to the masses. And what is the meaning of the word Athleisure? Very simple: athletic (athletic) and leisure (leisure), a new way of understanding sports aesthetics.
  • Can you be chic wearing sportswear? The answer is yes; comfortable clothing does not have to lose any of its elegance. So, get out of the closet the tracksuit and the sneakers, because with these clothes you can create a lot of outfits for an outing with friends or even to go shopping.
  • There are times when we don’t feel like wearing tight clothes or wearing high-heeled shoes, so daring with this type of style is great since you’ll be comfortable and ideal. It is not necessary to combine flashy colors or glitter, the best option to wear the sporty chic look are neutral tones such as grey, black, white and beige; colors that cannot be missing in a wardrobe and that you can wear in any season.

Essential garments to wear a sporty chic outfit

If you want to follow the Athleisure trend or wear sporty chic looks, take note of all the pieces of clothing that cannot be missing from your closet. Dresses, pants, jackets… we tell you everything you need to know!

Dresses to follow the trend more sport

Leather dress: for a party or dinner with friends, do not complicate yourself with the look and bet on a leather dress with some sneakers. And for a daytime outfit, this set includes a sweatshirt and a handbag.

  • Long dress: if you want a groundbreaking style, bet on a long black dress with trainers and a bomber jacket. And as accessories, choose a hat and sunglasses.
  • Dresses with a t-shirt: the combination of the dress with a t-shirt underneath is very stylish, and if you complement it with sneakers and a wool hat, you will be right.
  • Lingerie dress: lingerie dresses are feminine and you can wear them both at night and during the day with a sweatshirt tied at the waist, Converse and a handbag.
  • Midi dress: your motto if you want to wear a sporty chic look is “arranged but informal”. So, what better way to claim this style than with a pleated midi-cut dress combined with sneakers and a denim jacket.

Sporty chic looks: skirts that cannot be missing

  • Miniskirt: with the sporty chic look you can also wear a feminine and comfortable outfit by betting on a leather miniskirt, a white T-shirt and military boots. A super set!
  • Midi skirt: if you want to go to an event with style but without giving up comfort, opt for a midi skirt with an oversized sweater and white sneakers.
  • Long skirt: a long pleated skirt adds a ladylike touch to your style and, if you combine it with a sweatshirt, sneakers and a handbag, you’ll wear the sporty chic style to perfection!

What pants to wear in a sporty chic look?

  • Tracksuit: did you know that it is not impossible to wear a tracksuit with style? You can combine it with a denim jacket and sneakers. In cold times, combine it with a long coat. Less is more!
  • Leggings: go ahead and combine some sports leggings with a tweed coat and military boots. And for a night out you can combine them with a blazer. Give more outlets to your leggings!
  • Torn pants: with an oversized sweater, ripped jeans and sneakers we can get a sophisticated outfit and go to the latest.
  • Leather pants: a look that you should write down for your next outings is the combination of leather pants with white sneakers, a sweatshirt and, as an accessory, a cap.
  • Cycling pants: cycling pants or leggings are very comfortable and, in addition, you can give a chic touch to your outfit if you combine them with military boots, a black top and a blazer. Do you dare to wear it on your next outing?
  • Shorts: another outfit that can get you out of trouble when you don’t know what to wear is the combination of ripped jean shorts with a lingerie top and black sneakers. Another option is to combine your shorts with a T-shirt and a tweed coat.
  • Jeans: jeans can never be missing from your wardrobe because with this item you can create various sporty-chic looks. You can wear it with a lace blouse or a tweed coat, for example, and complete your outfit with black sneakers.

Jackets, jackets and t-shirts to show off a sporty chic look

Denim jacket: it is a very versatile garment that you can wear with a black dress and sneakers or with palazzo pants and a gray T-shirt.

  • Black top: would you like to wear a sensual and comfortable look? Then go for it with sweatpants, a fitted black long-sleeved top and a wool hat. Without complications!
  • Sweatshirt: you can combine the sweatshirt with a tracksuit, but it also looks great with a miniskirt and military boots. And if you want a very glamorous look, bet on the combination of the pleated pants and the sweatshirt.
  • Bomber jacket: with this type of jacket you can create a lot of outfits. You can combine it, for example, with black leggings, Converse and a black baseball cap. Or you can also wear your jacket with a pleated skirt, trainers and a clutch bag. Be that as it may, you will be ideal.
  • Leather jacket: you can combine your leather jacket with a gray tracksuit and white sneakers. It is a comfortable outfit but with a lot of glamor with which you will break on your social networks. Another look that you should write down for your next event is to combine this type of jacket with a pleated skirt and some sneakers.

The ideal footwear to wear in a sporty chic look

  • Sports shoes: sports cannot be missing if your thing is to wear the sportiest trend of all. If you want to be comfortable but without giving up a chic look, you can combine them with a slip dress or with pleated pants. If, on the other hand, you want to bet on a more informal outfit, you can combine this type of footwear with jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Military boots: if you have saved your military boots because you don’t know how to combine them, what do you think if you give it a try with some leggings, a shirt and a black sweatshirt. If you want a more daring outfit you can opt for shorts and a bomber jacket.

Accessories to combine with the sporty chic look style

The accessories provide the final touch to the look, even if it is the sporty chic trend. Do you want to know what accessories you should wear? We give you some recommendations:

  • You can choose a black clutch bag with pleated pants, a sweatshirt and sneakers. But, if you prefer, you can also opt for simple backpacks as they are comfortable and give you the chic style you deserve.
  • Another accessory that can give you a different touch are caps, since you can wear them both with a short dress and with miniskirts. And if you combine them with a long coat or a blazer, it will be a set of ten! Nor can we miss the wool hats, combinable both with jeans and with dresses or leather skirts.
  • Excessive makeup is not necessary, so forget about flashy colors. It is best to go for a simple base and a neutral eyeshadow shade.
  • Forget about rings, necklaces and large earrings or with bright tones, it is better not to wear anything or accessories that are discreet.
  • Do not overdo the hairstyle, simply wear your hair loose or with a simple updo, you will be ideal and you will perfectly show off your sporty look.

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