How to wear the military style?

Boyfriend pants, baker caps, oversize shirts and now the military style. More and more women’s fashion takes over garments that until a few years ago were exclusive to them. Now it is the turn of camouflage clothing, some pieces that you can wear on many occasions and that are very chic. On this occasion, Olivia Palermo (photo Gtres) has chosen a 100% military-style total look, but there are more options. Discover them with us!

How to wear the military style?

  • The hunting green color, the large belts adorned with maxi buckles, the boots and ankle boots in dark colors and the military prints for the jackets and parkas are going to be seen a lot this autumn that is just beginning to appear.
  • If you are not completely convinced that this fashion goes with you, we recommend that you start by combining a military-style garment with other more basic ones that you have in your closet, for example, you can wear seasonal jeans, a gray sweater from rounded neck, some mid-season ankle boots and, as a final touch, add a midi parka in dark military green, you’ll see that it looks great! If you want to go a step further, wear light jeans and an earth green belt with a clearly visible buckle, you won’t go unnoticed!
  • Although you are one of those who dares with everything, you should know that the sweatshirts in earth or tile tones combine perfectly with miniskirts with large pockets and seam details; that leather pants go perfectly with short-waisted green jackets, and that if you have military camouflage pants you can wear them with a white shirt with lapels. Take the test and you will not want to wear anything else!
  • Another great option is to wear a military green bomber jacket with or without shearling with black pants; or an intense green long-sleeved shirt with heavy black boots and some basic accessories. Go for a dark green sweater and a chocolate brown long leather skirt? As you can see, the military style is renewed once again.

Accessories in a military key

  • Remember that you can always play at contrasting with the accessories: a backpack, a hat, ankle boots, a silk scarf and even a bralette… all of them in a military code and ready to wear with your usual clothes and make a nice look. stylish balance.
  • If you want to bet everything on one, put on a military piece, pants or a parka, for example, and add some ankle boots or a military-style handbag too. It is a success as long as you do not overload your look excessively!

Extra tips to wear military clothing

  • Keep these handbook rules in mind when it comes to showing off your military-style pieces:
  • You must combine military clothing with other neutral colors and plain prints, without forgetting that red and green form an exquisite tandem.
  • For a military look at night, just add a touch of intense green and the usual accessories: high-heeled shoes, a handbag, some jewelry…
  • If you want a chic look, opt for leather pants, a turtleneck sweater and an army green shirt.
  • For makeup, a simple one for the day, and a more intense one for the night, paint your lips bright red and you will catch all eyes.

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