How to dress to dance bachata: sensual and moving looks

Dressing to dance is not the same as dressing to go shopping or to go to work. But neither is it the same to dress to dance a dance session in a disco, then to dress to dance flamenco. In this article we are going to focus on how to dress to dance bachata, a very special dance that once you practice it you will not want to stop.

In essence, the clothes are the same as what we would wear to dance salsa and, therefore, they must be sensual looks with movement, as well as comfortable because we probably spend hours moving our skeletons and we don’t want to end up dragging… But we must also bear in mind that dressing for a bachata competition is not the same as going out to dance this sensual dance in a venue in our city. Therefore, we are going to focus on non-competition, since we assume that, if you are going to compete, you will be an expert in the most extraordinary outfits.

Tips to create an ideal look for dancing bachata

When dressing to dance bachata you must take several aspects into account:

  1. You must look very sensual, since in this dance the movement of each part of your body is of great importance. Hence, marking your curves is essential, choose the garment you choose, so that each movement is very marked.
  2. To give movement to the wardrobe, nothing better than fringes or ruffles, hence, in bachata clothes, these elements are the kings of the dance floor.
  3. And to shine with your own light on the track, or rather, reflect the spotlights and dazzle everyone, the brilli is essential. For this reason, another of the beads that are most used in salsa and bachata are sequins and paillettes. The shiny beads, the glitter and everything that makes you shine.
  4. Comfortable shoe. It is true that nothing stylizes the leg more than a good heel, but it is time to decide how long you want to hold on the track. If you are one of those who can endure dizzying heels for hours, you are in luck. Put them on with a miniskirt and you’ll be divine to dance bachata.
  5. But if you are like ordinary mortals, it is much better that you choose a moderate ballroom heel and, if possible, that it supports your foot so that you do not have any accidents. We recommend that the sole be made of leather so that you can slide across the floor and make your movements without being slowed down by a rubber sole.
  6. Front or rear neckline. In dresses or tops to dance bachata, one maxim is to be sexy. For this reason, the front or back necklines in dresses or tops are almost mandatory.

Perfect outfits to dance bachata

And if with these tips you are still not sure, we are going to give you some outfit ideas so that your night of dancing bachata is a unique experience. Take note:

Ruffled dress

Get into a red or maroon dress with ruffles on the skirt and straps that have a low neckline and you will be divine. Keep in mind that the skirt must be above the knee to be able to move freely, so it is recommended that you wear mesh-type shorts under the same color as the dress to be as comfortable and carefree as possible. Put on some black or gold T-shaped pumps. The hair, loose and with a strass hairpin that collects only one side.

Fringed skirt

Put on a fringed skirt, much better if it is a miniskirt or at least above the knee, so as not to limit your movements. In black you will be very elegant and bright colors can be introduced with a top that has a drape on the back and leaves it exposed. Put your hair up in a bun to show off your low back.

High-waisted skinny jeans and glitter top

Surely you have high-waisted jeans in your closet, for example white, and a sexy top: shiny, asymmetrical, with a ruffle… This outfit will be very useful for you to go dancing bachata. Wear it with a heeled sandal that holds your foot and you will be perfect.

Do you already know what look you are going to wear to dance bachata? You will be great and ready to enjoy!

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