How to combine red, the color of the season

They say that it is the color of passion, that whoever wears it catches all eyes and that it makes the wearer and everyone who sees it feel good, and not only that, but it is also one of the star colors of the season. Do you want to know how to combine the color red?

What colors to combine red with

  • The black. Yes, you are right, red and black form a perfect tandem. If you are looking for a sensual look, as well as something rebellious, wear a short red dress, thick black stockings, a leather jacket and black high-heeled shoes as well. A look that you can wear day and night.
  • Do you prefer the color white? Go ahead, maybe some red pants and a white blouse or a basic T-shirt; or a pleated flared skirt and a straight-cut shirt. An office looks suitable for any season.
  • Navy blue. Another great idea is to mix red with navy blue. If you choose a sailor striped t-shirt and a simple red skirt, you will have a very powerful style. Of course, that the accessories are basic so as not to diminish the prominence of the colors.
  • Yellow mustard. Are you looking for a totally different and daring style? Then put on a hot red dress and a mustard yellow clutch; For shoes, you can wear black heels or midi.
  • Camel and nude tones. The nude and camel tones are other of the great allies of the color red, look for balance in your outfits and you will be sure to be right. And if you are one of those who dares with everything, wear sporty clothes in these tones, you know that the athleisure trend is still in fashion.
  • The denim fabric. It is well known by all that denim – get inspired by this look by Cara (Photo Gtres) combines with almost everything, well, with red too. Join two pieces in these styles, add your personal touch and you will look perfect.

How to wear red this season

Once we are clear about the colors that best combine with red, let’s see what clothes and accessories you can wear them with:

  • Look all red. While it is true that all black looks are still the star of the night, those that go in total red follow closely behind. A long dress to the feet or a short one to the knee, or perhaps a romantic style can be an excellent option if you mix them with red shoes and a matching mini bag.
  • Brush strokes in red. If you are not completely convinced by the previous idea, try using a few small brushstrokes in red. Choose clothes in neutral or dark tones and add something in red: the bag, shoes, a cap or scarf, a sweater with a touch of red, a skirt that mixes red and pink, or even some sized red jewelry midi and of course red lips. The key here is to let the red appear in your look with some concealment.

The color red according to your skin tone

If you are thinking that red does not suit everyone, you are wrong, you just have to choose the hue that best suits you.

  • If you are a brunette with dark hair, you should choose the darker shades of red, such as wine or burgundy; In this way you achieve balance when dressing.
  • For those with lighter skin, it is best to choose the most intense shades. If you opt for the lighter ones, you will only make your skin look pale.
  • If you are a redhead, wear the most vivid and intense tones. They will be the best allies for your hair!

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