Flattering looks to wear satin: lingerie hits the streets

During the halftime period it is normal that you do not know very well what to wear. You open the closet and don’t know whether to choose a fine knit, short-sleeved or strappy garment with a jacket first thing in the morning. In addition, you only have to go out into the street to observe the diversity of the fabrics: we can find from people who wear knitted sweaters to others who wear chiffon blouses.

Anything goes and that, far from being a headache when it comes to getting dressed, you should see it as an opportunity to wear many more combinations and many of those clothes that you have in your closet. So, seen in this way, halftime is not so bad if you know how to combine those pieces that you like so much.

In this sense, one of the most desirable fabrics when the first rays of sun begin to appear in the spring, or when they begin to disappear in the fall, is satin. The lingerie trend can not only be used for a night look; it is also ideal for day to day. You just have to know how to give it the right touch and you will have a flattering look to wear satin. Lingerie clothes hit the streets!

Perfect satin outfits for any time of the day

Satin skirt with a wool sweater

During the first days of spring (or autumn) the temperature varies quite a bit between morning and noon, so what better way to combat the morning chill than with a sweater? Wool looks great with satin, and you’ll give it the perfect touch by combining it with sandals. Throw on a tank top under your sweater for when the temperatures rise in the afternoon.

Satin skirt with a casual shirt

Who said that satin was only for clothing? You can also use it in sport looks. If you don’t have a heel, don’t hesitate and put on some sneakers with your favorite satin skirt or dress. Add a cotton t-shirt with a message and an oversized denim jacket and you will be very trendy.

Makeup tones

Of course, there is no denying that for the day the most elegant and flattering shades to wear satin garments are makeup colors. Combine a powder pink skirt with a basic white cotton t-shirt tied at the waist. Put on some white strappy sandals with heels or flats and a light blue or pastel tone handbag or shoulder bag. You will be beautiful and very comfortable.

Basic look with different touches

Bored of the typical court shoes and strappy sandals? Try wearing your slip skirt with mules and combine it with a basic knit sweater. You will see that just by introducing an original shoe into the outfit, your look is completely renewed and changed. Is it a bit cool to go in thin sleeves? Do not hesitate and wear a blazer. You will be 10.

Lingerie shirt

In your closet you should always have a satin lingerie shirt or shirt, and if it has lace details on the neckline or hem, much better. It will be a garment that will get you out of more than one bind. You can wear it with jeans, with a mini skirt, with palazzo pants… The options are multiple. Still cool? Do not hesitate and wear it with a denim shirt tied at the waist and rolled up, it is a great alternative to the classic denim jacket and you will be much more chic.

Long or midi dress with caftan

Do you have a wedding, baptism or communion day? A great option is to wear a satin dress in a light or striking color, long or midi according to your tastes. You can accompany it with a caftan, also long and patterned, that has the colors of the dress you are wearing underneath. Put on some sandals or salomes and put on a rigid handbag to finish off the look.

Satin dress for a night look

Is there anything sexier for a night out than a black slip satin dress? And if you also know how to combine it, you will be very very elegant. Wear it with tall snake print boots and you ‘ll be ready to dance the night away. You can also choose to wear your black slip dress with a leather biker jacket and sandals. You will be groundbreaking!

Satin for evening events

Wedding or evening event? Satin can also be your greatest ally. What do you think if instead of the classic sundress, you slip into one with long, puffed sleeves? Accompany the look with a metallic sandal and a rigid bag and you will be more than ready for the party.

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