What is hipster style? Looks to wear the most alternative fashion

The term hipster began to be used in the 40s in the United States to classify fans of jazz, that is, the music of not-so-popular nightclubs. We currently use this word to define lovers of alternative music, vintage fashion and past times. We could say that (ironically) they reject the mainstream, that is, what is fashionable, but they became one!

If you like music and independent cinema, your ideals are associated with defending environmental issues, you tend to consume organic or vegan products and second-hand clothes, maybe you don’t know it yet, but you have a hipster lifestyle. Like any style, we can transfer it to fashion and that is why in this article we tell you what the hipster style is and some looks to show off the most alternative fashion.

What exactly is the hipster style in fashion?

If we refer to the hipster way of dressing, we could affirm that they do not seek to follow what is imposed from the fashion system, and on the contrary, they are characterized by wearing a unique style. Let’s see some of its features:

  • They are original: they seek to innovate all the time.
  • They play with the unisex: there is not a very marked type of clothing, that is why men and women tend to dress quite similar.
  • It is a casual style: it is a kind of dress that is perfect for day to day but it will surely not be the style you choose for a gala night.
  • Retro lover: being a lover of the past can sometimes be good, and that is why they know how to take advantage of this point to wear clothes that were fashionable in other times. Let’s not forget that everything comes back.
  • They are the ones who usually set the trends and for this reason they are a very important focus of attention for fashion, since the new garments that we will see on the catwalks can emerge from their style.

Basic garments to wear hipster style looks

As we already said, they are looks that maintain their simplicity, but that does not mean they go unnoticed. If you wonder how to wear the hipster style? You came to the right place; we will teach you the keys to carry it with great honor.

Denim lovers

  • There is something that cannot be missing in a hipster’s wardrobe, and that is jean clothing. Of course, the jeans are the protagonists of each look, the ideal is that they are high-waisted, that is, they reach your waist. Yes, like those vintage-style ones from the 90s that our parents used, or those now called mom jean.
  • Another of the jeans that you need if you want to achieve a completely hipster look are pants with tears or cuts. They give a super carefree yet cool look, which is definitely what we’re going for.
  • When we say jean lovers, they literally are, since we are not only going to find it in pants, the denim jacket is the emblematic coat of the hipster look. Ideally, they should have lamb and lapels, these are perfect for the cooler days, while the lighter ones or even shirts can be used during spring.
  • If you wonder if you can combine jean with jean, we will tell you that there is no problem with it, but try to vary the shades, try a black jean and a light blue jacket or vice versa.

T-shirts of all kinds

When looking for a garment that combines wonderfully with jeans, the first thing that comes to mind are white printed t-shirts. Whether they are with phrases, band logos or unique drawings, they will give you a natural look to wear all day.

Printed shirts

With polka dots, with flowers or tribal, printed shirts that are not fitted, that is, they are rather lose to wear with tighter garments at the bottom, are ideal if it is about putting together a hipster look. We can wear them closed to the last button, knotted or open with a plain shirt with thin straps underneath. It is best to wear them with high-waisted black or jean pants, it can be flared or skinny, but the important thing is that you can tuck the shirt inside the pants. You can finish your look with black or mustard boots depending on the color of your top.

Shorts and skirts: the essentials

If you want to wear a much more youthful style, this type of look is for you. You can wear high-waisted shorts with tears or a skirt and opaque black tights. In fact, if you dare to go for a slightly more hipster look instead of long stockings you can wear buccaneers. The ideal is to wear them with ankle boots or shoes at ankle height, one of those moccasin-type shoes that take us back to the 50s.

In autumn or winter you can complete this look with a maxi cardigan, you must wear it open and you can play with its colors.

Jumper or jumpsuit

How do you look in a jumper? Yes, one of those we used when we were little and as we said at the beginning, the hipster style goes hand in hand with vintage clothes and this is undoubtedly one of them. Wear it with a white or striped t-shirt underneath. Combine it with some converse-style sneakers and voila, you will be the most hipster girl in the place.

Tailor’s trousers

Although you may not believe it, playing with the clothes that are usually associated with the masculine is also typical of the hipster style, so this time we will choose tailored pants to create a unique look. They can be plain in not so flashy colors or checkered in green and blue tones. Whichever you choose, do not forget to roll up your sleeves, and that is where the tip of style is found. You can combine it with smooth shirts to the body and a belt.

Hipster style dress

Like the skirts, the dresses should be cut A, that is, their skirt is flared. These types of dresses are ideal for reducing our waist and giving more volume to the lower part of our body. Do you remember the maxi cardigans that we mentioned above? Well, here’s another way to use them: put the cardigan over the dress and a belt over both, at first it sounds weird, but we promise it looks amazing.

Essential accessories for your most hipster looks

Something that cannot be missing in any hipster look are good accessories. Let’s see together which ones you need to have on hand if achieving this style is your goal:

Glasses or glasses

Whether they are sunglasses or reading glasses, they cannot be missing in your portfolio. Choose vintage-style ones, such as the very large round ones. You won’t get out of the classic but they will certainly make your face stand out. If we talk about sunglasses, obviously you have to choose some with large pasta. Play with the colors of the borders so that they go with your complete outfit.


No bags, the ideal complement for every hipster are backpacks and there are many styles, if you ask us about any in particular, we will tell you that the mustard or yellow color is one of the most chosen by hipsters around the world.

Wool cap

The wool hat or the famous beanies are ideal to be warm in the winter, and very cool, the wool hats, with pompoms or from which the wool stands out are the best to complete any outfit.


As is the boho style, hats are essential when putting together a hipster wardrobe. There are many styles, and the bowler hat or the raffia ones are our favorites.

Now we do come to the end of this revisionism about the hipster style. If you already want to try it, do not hesitate to check the closet of your parents or grandparents, surely you will find some of the garments that we mentioned.

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