5 Halloween Costumes Women Should Avoid

For a Halloween party to be unforgettable, you don’t just need pumpkins, candies and some blood-colored punch. Your costume will be the key to your success, and for both men and women, it can be a difficult choice. Here are some examples of what you should avoid including in your list of options.

  1. The “slutty pumpkin” from ‘How I Met Your Mother’

The television series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ has contributed a lot to our popular culture, one of the first was thanks to the “slutty pumpkin”, a costume that managed to tie all eyes thanks to well-placed holes.

  1. Disguise yourself to claim feminism

We know you support women’s rights and hate stereotypes, but there’s nothing like a stuffed squirrel costume to kill all your chances of dating. Try to find the balance.

  1. Do not dress as a man (or choose an attractive one)

We already know that men enjoy dressing up as women, but if they usually look ridiculous, do you think you don’t? See what happened to Holly Robinson Peete when she tried to dress up as Lil Wayne. It is perfect for Halloween, yes, because it is scary because of how horrible it is.

  1. Stay away from overly realistic costumes

Halloween may be the party of fear, but it should not be taken to the extreme of Heidi Klum, who managed to terrify all those who attended the party with her skinned body costume.

  1. And remember, you’re not in a porn movie.

It is one thing to choose a costume that, so to speak, highlights your virtues. And it is quite another to leave nothing to the imagination. This is aggravated if at the same time you are destroying other people’s childhood memories like with these ‘Epi and Blas’ costumes.

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