Take advantage of your summer clothes in winter

With the change of season, we find ourselves in the need to renew our closet, take out coats, down jackets and jackets and leave dresses, shorts, sandals and tank tops hidden in a corner. In addition to the time you have to dedicate to restructuring your wardrobe to adapt it to the new season, it also means spending buying the new trends in autumn-winter fashion, which we cannot assume as things are. Don’t worry, because we have some tricks that can help you make the most of your summer clothes this winter too.

Don’t take your summer clothes too far

  • Okay, you can save your bikini until next summer, but the rest of your summer clothes can be reused this season. Try to invest in a good coat and underneath you can wear whatever you want and always up to date. Surely years ago you realized that your basic tank tops and short sleeves can continue to be used in winter if you accompany them with a knitted sweater. So don’t lose sight of them.
  • Do you think shorts are only for summer? The truth is that no, and this winter the looks with shorts, thick stockings and boots are sweeping. If you combine it with a bag with metal studs and a leather jacket you can face the cold with a rocker look that is so fashionable this season.
  • This autumn-winter you can also use your most summery dresses, because the print is still present on the catwalks and they are perfect for giving a bit of color to the winter cold. And of course, you don’t have to give up your summer tops to go out to a party either, with strapless or strapless, you’ll shine even more on your busiest nights.

The looks we like the most

  • We love being able to continue using the shorts and tops that we bought this summer, but if there is something that makes us especially excited, it is being able to continue using our lace dress. If in summer we gave our look a romantic and delicate air, winter is the time to show our strength with the sexiest style. Add to your dress some high heeled boots, the most baroque accessories and continue to seduce with your best dress.
  • Surely you have seen many looks this summer with dresses or shorts that included boots and it is that fashion is losing its seasonality, something that suits our pockets very well in times of crisis. Well, if the boots are good for the summer, the sandals become a must this winter. Yes, surely you have criticized more than once a tourist who was walking so calmly in his sandals and white socks and you will have sworn to yourself that you would never, ever go out like this.
  • Well, we’re sorry, but you may have to, because sandals with socks are one of the star looks for this winter. Nor is it about wearing flip-flops with your white socks, but your platform sandals or those wooden ones you bought this summer go perfect with socks and your skinny pants, or with stockings if you prefer to wear a dress.

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