Velvet, learn to combine it and get the most out of it

What is going to take this fall? What will be the trends that you cannot miss? It may be a little early to know each and every one of the trends that we are going to fall in love with, but what we can tell you is that velvet will once again be one of the star fabrics for the next season. And we say it will return because it was already seen a lot last year on the fashion catwalks and in the street style of some celebrities, such as Vanessa Lorenzo (photo Gtres). Do not take your eyes off this fabric because this time it comes with renewed airs.

Velvet for fall

Versatile, comfortable, elegant, warm, pleasant to wear and feminine. A few adjectives that can well define velvet, a material that is useful for both day and night, as well as for creating simple or the most elegant looks, also providing a delicious game of contrasts due to the gloss and matte so characteristic.

Velvet as a wardrobe background 

  • If you want to be fashionable next season, we recommend that you get some velvet garments as a wardrobe staple, ideal to wear at night, yes, in small doses, you know that overloaded outfits must be avoided. Then bet on black or dark maroon pants, a traditional cut jacket in dark blue or black or a blazer, a long or short dress in wine and, if you dare, a kimono with embroidered flowers in neutral tones. With these simple pieces you will make hundreds of excellent combinations when mixed with other more basic ones.
  • How to combine it? How to get it right when mixing it with other fabrics? Fashion experts say that it combines perfectly with the Texan style and with chiffon. If we choose it in black, we can mix it with other garments in the same tone that are made of wool, another material that goes hand in hand on cold days. For a sure hit, complement the velvet with something more classic and simple cut garments, such as an American jacket or tailored dress pants.
  • The haute couture fashion firms as well as the low cost ones are going to bet on velvet this autumn, highlighting above all the dresses, long, short, thin straps, minimalist style in silver, green or bright yellow, with puffed sleeves, with V-neckline… in the style of the one Susan Sarandon wears in this image (photo Gtres).

Extra tips to get the most out of velvet

  • If you have chosen velvet pants, you should know that they can give you a lot of volume in this area, so it is best to opt for a tight-fitting or straight-cut top, no baggy clothes, and add accessories Basics in neutral tones.
  • If you don’t dare to wear this trend or want to go little by little, opt for velvet accessories and accessories: belts, bags, shoes and even earrings. You will get your looks to have a most interesting point.
  • For your care, it is best to read the label to find out if it can be washed in the washing machine. If so, use a short, cold water program; otherwise, wash it by hand, you will keep your garment as intact as the first day. Finally, remember that you should not put it in the dryer or iron it, if in doubt it is best to take the clothes to the dry cleaner.

As you can see, the star fabric of the 90s returns once again with strength and its own style.

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