Keys to understanding what the navy style is: how to wear a sailor look

If half of your wardrobe is made up of striped T-shirts, you may not know it yet, but navy may be your style. If you wonder what this type of style consists of when it comes to dressing, you are in the right place! In this article we are going to tell you the keys to understanding what the navy style is, as well as a guide with ideas to wear a sailor look, and incorporate this beautiful style into your daily outfits. You sign up? Let’s see it!

What exactly is the navy style in fashion?

The navy style, popularized between the 1930s and 1950s, is characterized by having very defined colors: red, blue and white. It is usually classic, simple and has the sailor stripe as its protagonist. Born thanks to the inspiration in the clothing of the sailors of the British Naval Army or the Royal Navy in English (hence its name), it was the famous designer Coco Chanel who incorporated it into the women’s wardrobe. Since then, it has never gone out of style and is already established as one of the most classic styles in fashion.

How is the woman with navy style? She is about a woman who puts the quality of her clothes above all choices, she prefers a basic and timeless wardrobe, as well as looking elegant with any garment. If we think about it a bit, the best setting to wear this type of look is at beach parties, enjoying a bit of sun on an afternoon picnic or, in general, in any daily and urban outfit.

What are the advantages of using this navy style?

Now that we have been able to see what the navy style is, we can review the benefits of using this type of look in your day-to-day life, or at least having a couple of outfits of this style in your closet:

  • It is a very comfortable style: one of its main characteristics is to be simple and, for this reason, the comfort of the garments is undoubtedly one of the main advantages. Low shoes, few accessories and cotton clothing are some of the characteristics that you will hear the most when talking about this style.
  • It is an investment: garments easily become timeless, avoiding the need to change them during each season.
  • It is a style that suits everyone: it is a style that adapts to any type of body, regardless of age.
  • It is maintained over time: we have already seen that its beginnings go back to the Victorian era, so the years continued to pass but the style survived until today.

Great looks to show off the navy or sailor style

With just a couple of basics and without investing in too many clothes you will achieve the sailor look. T-shirts, jeans and a blazer are the three infallible if you want to succeed with this style. Let’s see some more combinations that can accompany you on this path:

Maritime prints

Get prints of ships, anchors, rudders, knots and other sea motifs, nothing more appropriate when wanting to incorporate the sailor style.

Everything that has stripes in blue or red colors

You can wear them in dresses, sweaters, shirts and even bikinis or one-piece leggings. Cheer up to see you striped. The best thing is that you can adapt them according to the shape of your body, if horizontal stripes are not your thing, opt for a shirt with vertical stripes in light blue tones, they look spectacular with a pair of jeans.

Jean shorts and pants

Nothing more comfortable to accompany your t-shirts. Both skinny and flared jean shorts and pants make this look suitable for every day.

Bermuda shorts and shorts in white or nude

As we said above, if it is something that has this style, it is that it is classic and elegant. Colors like white and nude add even more style to your basic outfits.

Cardigans (if they are blue much better)

The famous cardigan has returned season after season and proved that it is here to stay. He closes your look with a blue cardigan and we assure you that no one will doubt your style.

Sailor blazer with golden buttons

A classic of the navy style, the bigger the buttons, the better. It is another of the garments that does not go out of style and makes you look classic but modern at the same time.

The military parka

Although it sounds like it belongs to another style, the parka or military jacket gives a different touch to your navy style, it serves to cut the basic colors, incorporating bottle green and thus getting out of the mold a bit.

Jumpsuit or jumpsuit

If it is much better jean, you can use it with your striped shirt below. What is your advantage? It is a garment that never goes out of style and you can use it during the different seasons. You can also opt for different lengths, the short jumpsuits are special for summer, while the long ones are great for spring days where it is not very hot.

Bottom in red

If you want to add more color to your look, this is an ideal tip. She wears bottoms like red pants and skirts. A good way to combine this garment is to wear it with a striped t-shirt and a blazer. These three basic pieces will make all eyes focus on you.

The shoes that best suit the navy or sailor style

Although it may not seem like it, there is a variety of footwear that we can use for this style, it is best not to opt for high shoes, since this trend is a little sportier chic. Shoes with strong tones or striking prints are better to avoid, it is not exactly the part that we want to highlight the most, on the contrary, the simpler they are, the better.

  • Ballerinas: ideal to complete your navy look. Wear them in classic colors like black, white, and camel. They will give an incredible closure to your outfit.
  • Espadrilles: another basic shoe, with a jute platform that gives a unique style to your looks. You can also get them printed with stripes or marine motifs.
  • Loafers: black or red patent leather are the best option. Combined with jeans or linen pants they look splendid
  • Clogs without heels: this footwear that has been growing in trend in recent years is already part of every fashionista’s wardrobe. In addition to being comfortable they are very stylish.
  • Sports shoes: a classic that you cannot miss. The ideals? A nice pair of white sneakers with little bottom. One of the most repeated models in the navy style is the Converse type.
  • Nautical shoes: obviously if we are talking about the sailor style, the nautical shoes could not be left out. Of different colors and designs, you will surely find the one that best suits you.

Accessories that you should include yes or yes in your navy look

Accessories are always a definite part of any look. As it is a very sober style, we will use minimalist but stylish accessories.

  • Small bracelets with golden touches
  • White belt to close your incredible navy look.
  • Accessories in mustard color. When using more classic colors such as white, red and blue, yellow tones create an ideal contrast.
  • Striped maxi bags with sailor laces.
  • Patterned or plain scarves both on the neck and for the hair.
  • Corduroy hats with white or blue ribbons. You can also get juice out of floral prints but without abusing them.

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