Fashion: 5 reasons to wear black and feel powerful

It’s the king color, and far from looking like you’re ‘in mourning’, wearing black is probably one of the best options in the face of empowerment that the world of fashion gives. We have at least 5 reasons to convince you to wear black whenever you can.

Why wearing black will give you much more power 

  1. Black stylizes. It is not a secret that when dressing in dark colors the figure is reduced. We are not referring to having less size, because any woman is beautiful regardless of her body size, but to the fact that it is true that black makes us slimmer. When you put on a black dress or suit, your body automatically sheathes and we all look sexier.
  2. Black is elegant. When you dress in a jumpsuit or a black dress, elegance is already your ally. It is difficult to fail with a black dress, even if it has different variations. Black is elegant and you will not fail on any occasion.
  3. Black goes with everything. And that is something very important. No color could ever replace black because it goes with absolutely any hue. That is why it is a powerful color, because it has the ability to go well with any type of garment.
  4. Black can be reused. Changing the accessories can make the black garment in question look like something else entirely. Betting on a good short black dress will make it different on each occasion, even if we use it many times, with the appropriate decorations.
  5. The color black empowers. It does not revitalize the face like red or mustard color, even green, but it is true that the color black is empowering. The black color manages to bring elegance and sophistication to any type of look, to feel powerful, successful women and wanting to conquer the world.

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