Style and makeup tricks to have more chest without surgery

Every woman is beautiful regardless of her size, her body, or the style she wears both inside and out. Thanks to fashion and beauty, we can take advantage of it if we wish, feel much more beautiful and powerful and play with trends to be divine. For this reason, it is not necessary to go under the knife or think about anything outrageous when wanting to show off a more generous neckline than usual if at any given time we want our chest to look bigger. How to get it?

Get a bigger chest with fashion and beauty trends

  • Yes, although it may seem crazy, contouring is not dead, but has also reached other areas of the body, such as the neckline. If you want at any given time for your chest to look much more enhanced because you want to show off and look divine, don’t hesitate to play with the brushes. Highlight the upper part of both breasts with the darker makeup, and blend with a sponge to create the optical illusion of volume. Then, unify the entire neckline with a large brush and sun powder.
  • Clothes shape. All garments have a purpose, and they can help us see ourselves more or less stylized depending on their shapes. The same happens with the chest, since its cut can make it look bigger at any given time. A clasp, straps, or perhaps a brief slit right here can help make the volume appear as if by magic.
  • To make it appear that the chest is more voluminous, it is not necessary to wear impossible openings. Many times it is enough just to know how to attract attention to the area that we want to promote. Maybe some 3D flowers, polka dots or stripes, or even pretty gradients.
  • It’s no secret that bras are everything for the shape of the chest. Although in your day to day you bet on bralettes with hardly any underwire or shape, the day you want to show off a generous neckline is the most opportune moment to perhaps wear a wonderbra or a bra that can give you that desired push up effect.

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