Tracksuit and heels: copy the style of Rihanna and Selena Gomez

‘Fix’ but informal. Go to the supermarket with a tracksuit and heels. Yes, those two phrases have haunted us forever, always with jokes from those daredevils who dared to combine sportswear with… horror! Some heeled shoes. But fashion is cyclical, it’s unpredictable, and sometimes it’s terribly strange. And we say this for Rihanna or Selena Gomez, who had to go out in tracksuits because they wanted to be comfortable… but they forgot to put on sneakers and they put on sandals or high-heeled shoes. Yes, it takes.

Wearing a tracksuit and heels is a trend, word of Rihanna and Selena

  • We still hadn’t gotten over the fact that bell-bottoms are back in our lives -and in our closets-, and suddenly we have to get pretty, with a tracksuit! And the famous are not usually wrong when it comes to trends, which is why many probably end up succumbing to the issue of fashion’s worst nightmare. And it’s more real than ever in the celebrity world.
  • We can expect it from Rihanna, since the singer always attracts attention with her outfits, in fact, she has been in charge of making the athleisure trend fashionable, and it is very common to see her in sportswear on the street, even when she is not going to sculpt your body to the gym. But what about Selena Gomez? One of Taylor Swift ‘s closest friends never fails with her looks, in fact she is quite classic and does not usually star in stylistic scandals.
  • But all fashion confidence has collapsed when we have seen Selena Gomez in a red tracksuit ideal for running errands or exercising, combined with very fine white heeled sandals. Imitating this trend is easy: tracksuit of the same color with a sweatshirt and pants, and your best heels. Choose the shade that suits you the most, and you already know how to go divine to the gym.

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