How to dress to go to a 60s party: 6 very vintage looks

In fashion, each decade has its fetish garments. The 1920s with its fringes and hip-length dresses; the 50s with their marked waists and flared skirts; the 70s and bell-bottoms… But if there was a time that broke with the norms established up to now, that was the 60s, of the yeyé girls, of Twiggy, of beetles at the wheel and in music (the Beatles).

That’s why Concha Velasco sang that about a jerk girl with tousled hair and colored stockings. Her skirts shortened considerably, flared from the waist to form a slight trapezoid. Her hairstyles were polished to the maximum, the bangs became fashionable, the eyes were outlined with a corner marked in black pencil…

Have you been invited to an event inspired by this era? You’re lucky! It is one in which fashion is most flattering. And, also, in this article we are going to tell you how to dress to go to a 60s party with these 6 very vintage, original and most attractive looks. Are you in to wear any of these outfits?

6 ideas to go to a party inspired by the 60s

To go to a party inspired by the 60s you can go to your closet, because surely you have clothes that will help you create a great outfit and look divine at the party. Do you have any flared miniskirts? And some psychedelic print dress? High boots or round toe court shoe? Skinny fabric pants and flats? High-waisted pants? If you have any of these pieces you already have your look practically assembled. Pay attention to the clues on how to combine them!

  1. Baby doll dress

Miniskirt dresses called baby dolls were born at this time. The girls wore these flattering evasé cut dresses with all kinds of patterns, although the ones that caused the most furor were the psychedelic ones and the tie holders. Combine your dress with rounded toe pumps without much heel, and add some knit leggings if you find yourself in a slightly cooler season of the year. High, puffy, and highly polished chignons are the perfect complement to this type of look.

  1. Tweed suit

The maximum elegance comes from the hand of the tweed suits that the Chanel brand popularized in its multiple colors and varieties. Of course, always combined with a flared miniskirt. Add to the look a wide headband in the hair to match the suit and you will be very elegant.

  1. Capri or fisherman skinny pants

Another of the fetish looks in the 60s was the skinny fisherman or capri pants, combined with loafers or flat ballerinas and tight turtleneck sweaters. All this with a polished hairstyle to the maximum and the corner in the eyes… You won’t need anything else! If you wish, you can tie a scarf around your neck to give it a chicer touch. Do you prefer another hairstyle option? Put on a high ponytail topped with a shoemaker bow, you will be gorgeous.

  1. A-line skirt and short turtleneck sweater

Oh, what a flattering look! The flared miniskirt, the short jumper (or minipull) or the funnel neck or ribbed shirt is ideal for this type of party. The yeyé girls combined them with high-heeled boots, and if they are white, even better. It is a recurring look that you will surely have in your closet. What about the hairstyle? The best thing is that you wear your hair straight as a table and, if you have bangs, you will have ten in your look. The medium length with the ends inward and short hair were also all the rage in the 60s

  1. Flared trousers

Although flared pants are a symbol of the 70s, in the 60s they began to emerge with great force. They were combined with high boots, sweaters or minipull cardigans and psychedelic print t-shirts. If you have high-waisted flare pants, they can also be used for the look of your sixties party.

  1. Jacket suits

At this time when the canons were beginning to break, women began to wear jacket and pants suits. Blazers and flared or palazzo pants combined with men’s shirts. Do you have a suit with these characteristics? Wear it with a heeled loafer or ankle boot and you’ll look gorgeous.

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