5 Ways to wear a poncho

Ponchos are for fall. Summer is over, but we are not yet in winter: it is not hot, but it is not cold either. Choosing the ideal clothes for fall can be very complicated. But in this article we have the solution: the poncho. You will not find a more comfortable and versatile garment that feels so good on all figures. When you try it, it will become a staple in your wardrobe. And if not, ask Olivia Palermo (Photo Gtres). But how to wear a poncho? We give you 5 ways to wear a poncho.

What to wear a poncho with

  1. Oversize poncho combined with leggings

If you have bought a wide poncho, one of those that hide any defect you have (if you have any), the best option to combine it is with leggings. The contrast in the width of the poncho and the narrow leggings will stylize your figure and you will get a very fashionable look.

If you want to give your look a more casual touch, combine it with some sports shoes, which will contrast with the elegance of your poncho. On rainy days or when you want to appear a bit more refined, ankle boots will be more appropriate.

  1. Poncho over a dress

You’ve bought a really cute dress, but you don’t know what to wear over it to protect yourself from the cold. You will find the solution in a poncho. Careful! Because not everyone matches all types of dresses. To ensure a hit, use it when you wear a more casual one.

It is important that you take into account the length of the poncho and the dress, because it cannot be too short or too long. Ideally, the poncho should be slightly shorter than the dress so that the dress sticks out slightly. Otherwise, it will appear that you are not wearing anything underneath.

  1. Poncho over your favorite jeans

If a poncho can look good with anything, it’s with those jeans that look so good on you. They are the ideal complement that will give you warmth and comfort during those days when temperatures begin to drop. With this look you will feel so comfortable that you will want to wear it every day.

Under the poncho you can wear whatever you like, since any t-shirt or shirt could fit well. The only thing you should avoid are all those garments that have a hood since they will protrude from the back.

  1. Poncho on leather

Who says leather and ponchos don’t look good? Ok, they are two garments with very different styles, but precisely because of this, they will manage to give you a very different style from the rest. Put on your tightest leather pants, your matching black ankle boots and don’t hesitate to put your favorite poncho on top. Sign up for this rocker look when you want to rock the day.

  1. Poncho with high boots

Ponchos look great with over-the-knee boots. Once again, you should look at the length of both, especially if it is an asymmetrical cut poncho. As a last detail, don’t forget your long-handle bag to match your boots.

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