How to wear a crop top: this summer shows the navel?

The good weather is coming. With the heat and the degrees of more, we park coats, sweaters and jackets to take our lightest and most vaporous clothes for a walk. Now it’s time to recover the spring and summer clothes while you think about how you could wear this or that garment or you are happy to find that dress with which you felt so favored. Forget your clothes from last season, we tell you the latest trend: crop top. This summer, short to very short tops cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

Crop top: the fashion that shows the navel

  • What is crop top? It is the new fashion that has already gone around the world and that flooded the catwalks a few months ago. It is the coolest thing, but it recovers a style from the nineties that consists of showing the navel.
  • So that you can show off your abdomen, the main brands have launched crop tops and blouses and t-shirts that do not reach the hips.
  • If you are shaking your head thinking that you would not wear a top that shows your belly, we will tell you some tricks to wear it and be up to date. Maybe after these tips on how to wear a crop top and how luxurious it feels, you’ll change your mind:
  • Combine a crop top or blouse with a high waisted skirt, so that the belly is covered by the end of the blouse. The look will be sophisticated and avant-garde.
  • Blouses and tops come in a wide variety of lengths. Choose the shorter ones if you are daring and can show off your waist or choose those that are a little longer if you prefer to hint but not show.
  • Use the crop top to go to the beach, to go out or to a concert, but avoid this trend if you go to school or work.
  • If you are short, you are interested in knowing that the top combined with a maxi skirt will create an optical elongation effect and your figure will seem to grow.
  • Skinny pants and an extra mini top with a strapless neckline will create a very cool night look with which you will be splendid.
  • A fitted top that allows you to show off your abdomen and a mid-calf skirt will create a pin-up look, with which you will have a vintage or retro style so worn by stars like Dita von Teese, Katy Perry or Rihanna.

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