Layers, the star trend this winter

If you want to rock this season, we suggest the most interesting winter trend, the cape. It is perfect to give your look a sophisticated air, with romantic airs and inspiration from the past. A halo of mystery, sensuality and delicacy will surround you this season if you get hold of one of the winter must-haves. Do not hesitate and dare to weather the cold by including this garment in your wardrobe. In addition, the proposals in layers are varied, you will surely find yours.

Layers that adapt to your look

  • Before the cold sets in or if you are lucky enough to live in a place where winter is not freezing, you cannot miss the opportunity to wear one of the most interesting garments in outerwear fashion. The cape adapts to any style and the designers have renewed this garment to complement the fashionable looks. Thus, we have seen military-inspired capes, velvet capes for your baroque look, like this one (image) from Mira La Marela, with fur, wool or cloth.
  • We like the cloth capes with zipper details to complete a rock look and we prefer the classic British-inspired capes, perfect for any style. Top designers know the dramatic effect of layers on any look and we’ve seen them at Gucci, Chloè and Dolce & Gabbana shows.
  • Forget the image of the old-fashioned cape that gave you a serious and authoritarian air, because this season the capes are reinvented with the most varied fabrics, with checkered or animal prints, with gothic airs, long to the feet to keep you warm, or around the waist. And for a more casual style, accompany your layer with a thick wool sweater. You will see the youthful and carefree effect that you get.

Ideas to wear the cape this winter

  • By now you will be convinced of the impact that a cape has on your look, but if you need some ideas, we will tell you about the ones we liked the most. Impeccable is the most appropriate definition for the result of combining your charcoal gray cloth cape at the waist, a fine knit sweater and skinny pants. Get on some heels and complete the look with some leather gloves. Ready to go to the office, a meeting or a job interview.
  • You get a more elegant look with a longer cape, a midi skirt with a fitted shirt and your stilettos. The cape is also perfect to lift the most basic look, with black pants and a white shirt, you just have to choose the cape that you like best. You will always be right if you choose your cape in cloth and in black or navy blue, but you can dare to risk it because one of the characteristics of the cape is its versatility.
  • But if there is a look that we have loved, it is the one whose protagonist is the British-inspired cape in camel color. Wear it with a light turtleneck sweater, jeans and your platform shoes. You will be simply perfect.

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