Of flowers, of stripes, of polka dots: Tricks to combine prints

The most daring this season are in luck because they are wearing all kinds of prints and mixed in all kinds of ways. Have you not seen in the windows of some department stores or in the fashion stores of the city how flowers are combined with stripes? Or the horizontal stripes with the vertical ones? As we say, this trend is very good for the most daring or for mannequins, but in reality even our favorite celebrities don’t usually wear so much mix, and depending on how you combine a pattern, you can get an outstanding look or a complete suspense.

Tricks to combine prints 

  • If your thing is flowers, you are in luck because they are one of the patterns that never go out of style and that are worn regardless of the time of year. Our advice: always have something flowery in your closet. The only warning that we would give you when combining them is that you take into account the proportions of your body because you can get an unwanted effect. For example, if you have a small chest and more hips, the ideal would be to wear this print on top, to highlight this area more so that all the attention goes to it and not to the bottom part. If, on the other hand, your silhouette is more like an inverted triangle (more chest and less hips), it will be more advisable for the flowers to go at the bottom. How about a loose skirt?
  • Did you know that vertical stripes have a magical effect on the viewer, making you appear  taller ?and stylized? On the other hand, the horizontal stripes make it wider, so depending on what your body is like (triangle silhouette or inverted triangle) you should wear one or the other. But since we know that the fashion for vertical stripes is very top nowadays, take note of the following tips: for dresses, try to make them be asymmetrical or diagonal stripes, and make them as tight as possible; If you can’t resist a horizontal striped cami or sailor skirt, try combining it with a blazer to lessen its effect; better thin and very fair stripes than wide and separated; and, finally, combine that striped garment (skirt or pants) with a dark touch to make it contrast.
  • Polka dots, diamonds, circles or triangles. Here you are the one who decides if you like them big or small, but you should know that if you want to hide any extra kilos, it is better that they be small or wear them only in a single garment, not to do a total look with a geometric print. If at first it is difficult for you to see yourself with this type of pattern, you can always take it in accessories (be careful that it is not an XXL bag either). It will give a very chic and modern touch to your outfit.

Have you taken good note of our tricks to combine prints? This season, the wedding is set by you.

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