Learn to combine your tops with style like Bella Hadid

If there is evidence that the 90s have returned to fashion and, of course, to beauty, it is that the tops have returned. Showing your abdomen is in style and showing off your belly is the new cleavage. If you want to know with what and how to wear a crop top to be great at all times, copy the youngest of the Hadid sisters: Bella.

This is how Bella Hadid combines her best tops in fashion

  1. With skirt. Although it is the riskiest look, it is also the most sensual. You can choose the skirt that best suits your body: tube, long, short, miniskirt, leather or denim…
  2. With jeans. It is, of course, the typical look of the 90s. There are many models who choose to bare their bellies when they wear denim pants. This is the case of Bella, who has them in different ways: straps, with bare shoulders, with only one sleeve… But all of them leave their tummy exposed. With jeans it is 10.
  3. With sports leggings. Without a doubt, it is the favorite look of the Hadid sisters, also copied by the Kardashian – Jenner. Kendall is one of the models who bets the most on tops when they wear sports leggings, perhaps to go to the gym or simply to be comfortable in a matter of street style.
  4. With shorts. Another option of ‘less is less’ -less clothes, it is understood-, is to combine the sexiest tops with shorts. In this way, the figure is optically lengthened if we want to appear taller. Bella Hadid sometimes opts for this type of fashion advice, revealing her abdomen with not too short tops, and with the most sophisticated pants.

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