Strapless dresses, the winner of the Oscars and Goya 2013

The strapless dress is one of the most flattering. This neckline shape enhances the chest with the sweetheart cut and hides it from those who do not have it in its straight cut.

The origin of the strapless neckline has a lot of legend, it is said that it was born from a dressmaker trying on a wedding dress on a girl, she gave her word that she would not step on the dress. But the truth is that Grace Kelly already used this type of neckline in the 50s.

The winner of the Oscars and the Goya 2013

  • The strapless neckline dress is very flattering on women with narrow shoulders or slim builds. You can wear it with a tight skirt and with a flared skirt and even tulle fabric, typical of wedding dresses with a lady cut, it will give you the air of a Hollywood star from the 40s and 50s.
  • At the 2013 Goya gala we saw a lot of fashion on the red carpet. But without a doubt what was repeated the most was the strapless neckline. Many actresses chose this neckline to wear it at the great gala of Spanish cinema. It is ideal with a bun updo, with loose hair, with marked makeup or even showing off natural beauty. It is in addition to the perfect neckline for a gala dress, one of the favorites for wedding dresses.
  • Ana Fernández wore a marvelous nude beaded dress from the Santos Costura brand. The protagonist of the protected, chose the strapless neckline in the shape of a heart to attend the 2013 Goya gala. The actress wore a Greek-type updo with a braid and used natural makeup in tune with the color of the dress. she.
  • Another of the young promises of Spanish cinema, Clara Lago, also chose the strapless neckline for the Goya gala. Mario Casas’ screen couple wore a Zurhaid Murad, just like Amaia Salamanca, bluedark with black rhinestones. The strapless dress fits like a glove on the actress with a slim build and plenty of chest. Clara Lago collected her hair in a bow to wear her gala dress.
  • Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating moments of the Goya gala was the cocktail, there we saw Amaia Salamanca in a minidress with a strapless neckline in a knot and black lace. A model that the actress wore with an undone bun updo. Amaia Salamanca wasted natural beauty and gave us the key to be the perfect guest at a cocktail.
  • At the great festival of cinema, the Oscars we also saw words of honor. The two most mentioned, the dresses of the Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence, the young actress wore a white Dior dress with a strapless neckline and a flared skirt. Despite the fact that Dior once again played a trick on her when it came to collecting the award, the actress wasted a beauty typical of the times of Grace Kelly herself.
  • Lastly, she wowed us with the redhead fashion model, Jessica Chastain. The Oscar nominee for best actress was echoed in the media for her resemblance to her character Jessica Rabbit. The actress chose an Armani Privé model with a strapless neckline and in gold. The actress gave her look a sexy touchgala with a rouge lipstick and with hair loose with water waves, typical of the club singers of the 30s.
  • For gala parties or even if you are getting married, the strapless dress is one of the choices more flattering. It will enhance your neckline and give you that touch of natural, classic beauty with the sexy touch of showing your shoulders. You can wear it with an updo or if you dare with a lipstick and with your hair down like Jessica Chastain.

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