6 tips for wearing transparencies like Victoria Justice

Dresses and garments with transparencies are a trend. To wear them it is necessary to feel comfortable with the garment and be prepared to show your body. In this article we give you 7 tips to wear transparencies like the actress Victoria Justice, who poses so pretty and confident in her spectacular dress.

Perfect with transparencies like Victoria Justice

  1. When choosing the transparent dress, elegance prevails. That is, opt for those that have a provocative touch but without being excessive. Discreet or dark colors are the best option for this type of garment.
  2. Choose the transparencies intelligently based on those areas of your body that you like the most and divert attention to those areas that you want to highlight such as the neckline, arms or waist.
  3. As for underwear you have two options. If you want the effect to be as ‘subtle and ‘nude’ as possible, opt for seamless lingerie in nude. While if what you are looking for is to make a contrast between the garment and highlight the underwear, choose a black lingerie with lace trim, for example.
  4. For those dresses or garments in which the transparencies are very shameless and it is practically impossible for the underwear not to be noticed, the best option is to sew a flesh-colored inner lining that adjusts to your skin. This lining will have a “second skin” effect and you will feel more secure than showing your lingerie.
  5. If the garment you have chosen is very tight, use the multiple flesh-colored girdles that exist on the market, for tighter dresses or garments. They will shape your silhouette and give you a more sophisticated look.
  6. The transparencies fill the look by themselves, do not load your style with excessively large accessories, accessories or jewelry. The minimalism that accompanies a see-through outfit is key to looking great.

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