Fashion: 5 tricks to wear transparencies like Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid ‘s sister is one of the models of the moment. The beautiful daughter of the mythical Yolanda Foster not only succeeds in her photo sessions and in everything that has to do with her profession, but she is also a trend icon. For this reason, she knows how to look great with looks with transparencies like no one else. We teach you to wear them like her.

5 tips for wearing transparencies like Bella Hadid

  1. Less is more. Wearing transparencies is something trendy, of course it is more fashionable than ever and it screams the word trend at all times. However, it is very easy to cross the line between the ordinary and the sophisticated. It is convenient not to go too far to maintain elegance at all times.
  2. Choose the area. If you want to wear transparencies but you don’t dare with the whole body, first choose the area that you want to enhance the most. This responds to wearing the sexiest top, showing off your legs, abdomen… Choose the part of your body that you like the most to bet on the best transparencies as Bella Hadid does.
  3. Bet on lingerie. The best thing about transparencies is being able to wear the sexiest lingerie in the closet. Whether it’s a pretty bustier, your most sensual bra, or even a high girdle that serves as underwear. In this case, more is more.
  4. Protagonism to the print. If you buy a blouse, dress or any type of garment with transparencies, you do not have to give up the prints on them. It can be polka dots, stripes, even flowers. Give prominence to patterns with transparencies because they are more current than ever, as Bella Hadid does.
  5. Be careful with the accessories. Ornaments are not prohibited when dressing with transparencies, but it is true that the look in question can be vulgar if, in addition to risking with some garment, we risk it with footwear, a bag or even jewelry. Less is more, also in terms of accessories.

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