Dresses with polka dots are worn: Tips to combine them

Since Julia Roberts wore one in the now legendary movie Pretty Woman, polka dot dresses have been well present in the wardrobe of many of us. Also this year they are back in fashion, what’s more, many say that polka dot dresses are the star of the summer season, do you want to know how and what to wear one with? Here we tell you everything you need to know about polka dot dresses.

Tips to wear your dresses with polka dots

In mini, large format, with a white background, to mix with other prints, to wear with plain clothes and even to achieve a total polka dot look, whatever your style, this season you will hit the spot with polka dot dresses. This is how celebrities have worn them.

The dresses with polka dots by Penélope Cruz, Michelle Calvó and Paulina Dávila

Penélope Cruz wears a fitted white dress with black polka dots, a ruffle detail in the center, white high-heeled shoes and a matching handbag as accessories. Michelle Calvó for her part, wears a colorful dress with a large polka dot print, an elegant and sophisticated piece in equal measure. Paulina Dávila has opted for a flamenco-inspired look, white and black, flared detail for the skirt, mini belt and a lot of style.

As you can see, the three have chosen to combine their polka dot dresses with accessories in solid tones, a perfect idea if you want your dress to take center stage.

Natalia de Molina’s styling

Natalia de Molina also gives us an idea of ​​how to get the most out of polka dot dresses this season. You can get a classic model in black and white or you can surrender to the most modern trends, as she has done, and opt for a colorful dress adorned with midi dots and spring flowers. It is perfect to wear on a special occasion.

Nobody wants to miss out on polka dot dresses, whether for a casual look or for walking down the red carpet. Mónica Bellucci wears a beautiful medium-length red dress with black polka dots, the long sleeves and the pleated skirt make it a charming flamenco piece and the high-heeled shoes give the final touch to a perfect look from head to toe. For her bag, she chooses a black clutch with a large buckle.

Ruffles with more polka dots for a style with a folkloric air, a model in full color to make it clear that polka dots come with a renewed style, or a traditional model for lovers of retro fashion. What you have to know is that this time polka dot dresses are coming to invade our closet.

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