Essential tips to dress low cost and not be noticed

Do you know that phrase that says that elegance is in the look and not in the pocket? Or what is the same, you can dress well with low-priced clothing and accessories. As? Very simple, paying attention to the advice of our favorite it girls. Take note of these tips to dress low cost and that is not noticeable.

How to dress low cost and not be noticed

Buy in low cost stores

Yes, to dress low cost and not be noticed, you have to buy in low cost stores. All of them make clothing and accessories available to you just like luxury brands do, or have you not noticed that when a luxury garment becomes fashionable, other brands release their version at a much more affordable price? If you want to dress well with little money, just check out their proposals.


Black, white and beige. These colors are the ones that dress the most and the ones that combine the easiest with everything. Extra tip, ideal to hide the fact that the quality of the pieces you are wearing is not the same as that of Prada or Chanel

And for the footwear?

Leather, without a doubt. But don’t worry, because today many low cost firms have this material at a good price. Do you want it to be even cheaper? Opt for synthetic leather shoes, they hit the mark 100%.

Mix low cost garments with haute couture

There are many celebrities who wear low cost clothing and so that it is not too noticeable, they mix it with a garment, or better still, with a haute couture accessory: the bag, the earrings… You choose, it is about giving the look a distinguished touch. Twice a year she buys in large stores and for this, you must take advantage of discounts, sales, end-of-season, mid-season… Olivia Palermo bets on mixing low-cost garments and accessories with other high-end ones.

Take care of your clothes

Nothing like taking care of clothes to wear low cost without anyone noticing, so no matter how little you have spent on that top and skirt, wash according to the label, beach and fold correctly so that they look like they have just been bought.

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings

No matter what price they have, here the key is that they are a little flashy and that they combine perfectly with the rest of the look.

Many other details

Small details are very important and can also change a look from head to toe if chosen well, so wear a blouse with a lace trim on the sleeves, or wear a top with embroidered letters, a gathered skirt, or a Maxi-button trench coat for cold days… You’ll look like the one who knows the most about dressing well and on-trend.

No imitations

It goes without saying that you should avoid imitation pieces at all costs, in the end it is known that it is not an original piece, it will end up ruining your goal.

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