Braless: 7 reasons not to wear a bra like Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum.. There are many celebrities who join the ‘braless’ trend. But is it just a fad? In this article we discover the 7 reasons for you to also stop wearing a bra.

The benefits of not wearing a bra

  1. More firmness: contrary to what is believed, wearing a bra causes the skin and muscles of the breast to be released from the work of supporting the chest, and they weaken, losing their firmness.
  2. Better circulation: as we know, any pressure on a specific area prevents the proper circulation of blood and therefore the oxygenation of the tissues. Therefore, it is advisable to do without the bra, at least when it is not needed.
  3. Improves skin and muscles: doing without a bra not only benefits the back, but also improves the skin and muscles in the area, since it prevents the accumulation of sweat and dirt, and maintains muscle tone.
  4. Greater comfort: by freeing yourself from the oppression of the bra, the feeling of comfort increases and with it, self-confidence.
  5. Increase a size: it is not that the breasts will grow because they do not wear a bra, but that when they are free, the muscles are forced to work to support the weight and thus increase their volume.
  6. Improves sleep: we are not referring to the fact that if you sleep with the bra on you do not rest, but even sleeping without it, after several hours of oppression, this effect prevents you from falling asleep and maintaining adequate sleep.
  7. Save money: obviously if you don’t wear a bra, you don’t need to buy this item. You will save a little money that you can invest in any other whim.

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