How to combine a trench coat: in autumn, the trench coat arrives in your closet?

Trench coat, trench coat, mid-season coat… Call it what you want but don’t lose sight of it, the piece that doesn’t need to be reinvented is once again the star of autumn. Do you want to know how to combine a trench coat with style? Pay attention because here are the ideal looks for girls who hate the classic. The trench coat becomes a must during the fall!

Ideas to combine the fashionable trench coat 

  • Did you know that the trench coat has its origin in military uniforms? I sure do… It was in England where they were worn as a male uniform. But, at what point did it become a garment just for us? We are not sure; what we can tell you is that the trench coat can take you out of one more when you don’t know what to wear between time. It also combines with almost everything, and when we say almost everything, we are also referring to sports shoes. Sounds good right? Two styles mixed in the same look. Here is the first of the keys to know how to wear the trench with a lot of vibes, dare to innovate.
  • We will also say that the trench coat or trench coat is a garment that is normally made of cotton, lined or not, designed to stop the wind and that you can wear in more than one color, no more thinking that beige is the only color for this garment.
  • Do you need some other example to show off your trench coat like never before this fall? Here are our favorite ideas.

Oversize trench coat, for those looking for a total look 

“The trench coat should be slightly oversized”, say the fashion connoisseurs, for what? Well, to wear with a tight dress, fitted jeans, a floral top… I’m sure you already see where we’re going.

A look with a trench coat to copy 

You walk down the street and see a look that you love, you even turn around to see it well, so if you want to be the center of those looks, wear your trench coat this fall with some ankle boots, a rocker t-shirt and a brown bag chocolate; the jewels are already your thing.

Full color 

As we have told you before, the beige trench coat is going to be seen a lot this season, (combine it with pure white and you will have a sure hit) but the pieces in full color are also gaining ground, a khaki green trench coat, a light blue one or something like that. time one in intense red to mix with your usual clothes and give them a different touch full of light. An example: navy blue trench coat in XXL format, denim blouse, dress pants and high- heeled shoes.

The trench coat is also worn with sneakers

The promised is debt, you have to know that this autumn the trench coat and the sports shoes, even more so in white, go hand in hand. Once again, fashion becomes sensible to have an exquisite look that we can take wherever we want. Are you looking for a 100% inspiring style? White sneakers, red trench coat, worn jeans and a nude blouse.

Can I wear the trench coat with a skirt?

Yes, of course, long, short, with fringes… Pair it with boots that go over the knee or with patent leather stilettos, just remember that you must balance fabrics and shades.

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