Rock look to be the sexiest this season

This autumn-winter fashion trends are more varied than ever, designed to highlight the best in each woman. Gothic look to bring out your vampire side, the comfort of the military look, the opulence of the baroque style… and now we present you the sexiest and groundbreaking trend that reinvents itself season after season but never completely disappears. We give you the keys to wear the rocker look like nobody else and get ready to capture all eyes.

Destroy your most rocker look

  • This season the rocker look presents us with a more daring, cheeky, self-confident and, above all, very sexy woman. Prepare your wardrobe to include some of the basic garments to achieve a younger and more fun appearance. The color black will be the undisputed protagonist of your rocker style, but you will have to include studs and other metallic details, such as buckles and zippers, in all your clothes, from t-shirts and jackets, to ankle boots.
  • Tight-fitting miniskirts and tube skirts cannot be missing from your rocker look, which you can accompany with thick or fishnet stockings. A used-look T-shirt with a bold slogan or, on the contrary, a lace camisole will fit perfectly with this sophisticated and edgy rocker look. Skinny pants are also a must in this trend, although worn-out jeans with some strategic tears are also very valid.
  • But if there is an essential element in the rocker style, it is leather. In miniskirts, in skinny pants, but fundamentally, in your classic leather jacket. If you don’t have one yet, don’t wait any longer because this season you’re going to need it.

Complete your rock look

  • For a more groundbreaking image, do not forget to include the accessories you need in your rocker look. Leather and metal bracelets and bangles with skull motifs. Also dare with an 80s-style pin on the lapel of your leather jacket.
  • Rocker-style footwear admits both heels and flats, but always in black. Those studded ankle boots cannot be missing from your wardrobe this winter. Rescue your belts with metallic inlays and get maxi bags with winter textures to harmonize your entire outfit.
  • Bring out the essence of the bad and daring girl that you have inside and dress as if you were going to enjoy a concert of the best Rock in the most fun night of your life. Remember that the rocker style also admits fantastic mini-dresses with sparkles and sequins for your party nights that if you combine them with your heels will make you the queen of the night.
  • And to complete the rocker look, make up according to this trend. Forget natural makeup, because this style requires excess. Smokey eyes, well-marked eyeliner and very long eyelashes. And for your lips choose shades of brown, aubergine or the classic passion red that will never go out of style. All ready? Look in the mirror and give your hair a more casual look. Now you are ready to eat the night.

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