5 ideas to wear a tuxedo to a wedding à la Amber Heard

Who said that dresses are the only option to go as a guest at a wedding? Of course, fashion trends are daring more and more to ‘break’ the dress code for the links, and they can wear other types of looks. In this case, we are referring to tuxedos, a compendium of dress jacket and pants that is not only reserved for men, but also for women. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Amber Heard or Angelina Jolie have already worn it and they wear it that way.

5 tips to be the most beautiful at a wedding with a tuxedo

  1. Yes, you can wear flat shoes, but nothing stylizes more than a good pair of heels. Your legs will look much better with stilettos and even platforms. In addition, it is the way to differentiate a feminine tuxedo to stomp and be the sexiest guest at a wedding at any time of the year.
  2. Tie or bow tie. It is indisputable that the key complement is a tie to use, cut like Angelina Jolie and even a bow ties that shines, like Sarah Jessica Parker at Stanford Blanch’s wedding in Sex and the City 2. Above all, elegance and attitude.
  3. White shirt. Innovation is always good, but a tuxedo is a pretty classic piece of clothing, so it’s best to keep it up with a nice white shirt in true Amber Heard style. In addition, it will be the perfect tone to contrast with the black of the tuxedo itself.
  4. Although in this case Amber Heard is not wearing it because she is in a photocall for an event, a clutch is the most feminine and sexy accessory to combine with a tuxedo. Choose it bright, exaggerated and glamorous to complement the look at hand.
  5. Marked makeup. The best combination of a masculine tuxedo is the latest beauty trends. For this reason, nothing better than a smoky eye look or some good red lips.

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