The ten ‘must have’ of Christmas

Surely many ideas are hitting your head in recent days about what clothes are really essential to have this Christmas. The multiple options that are presented to our eyes, encouraged by clothing firms, mean that in the end among so many Christmas trends we do not know what to choose to be up to date.
In this article we want to make this choice easy for you, and for this reason we present you those garments that cannot be missing in your closet for this Christmas season. Ten ‘must haves’ that are in fashion and that you will wear with great pride.

10 Must Haves for this Christmas

The camel coat

Undoubtedly, this garment has become one of the stars of this season, and we appreciate it, since it has replaced the infallible black as the supreme color in coats and jackets and we are happy to have more color options when buying the garment that more protects us from the cold.

The animal print

It is one of the prints that goes and comes back in time. In turn, it is one of the most hated and most loved, since when it is not among the most ‘in’ clothes, we sometimes look at it with suspicion and even find it tacky. But the undeniable thing is that this season is more fashionable than ever, yes, combined in a very elegant and not tacky way.

Lace-up shoes, masculine style

The laced shoe is one of the trends that have come with more strength for winter. We have seen them in the form of military boots, heeled ankle boots or very masculine loafers that go well with skirts and pants, giving your look a very classy casual look.

Fur vests and jackets

This garment is another of the indisputably winners for the Autumn/Winter season, which is a relief because with the cold temperatures that are being recorded, a fluffy jacket like this one can help us fight it. But they are not only on this list for practical purposes, but because they look great with many types of styles.

High socks

High socks cannot be missing this year in your drawers. They are perfect to wear with high or medium cane boots, letting them peek out from the top, or to wear them with high-heeled shoes and dresses -not too tight-. You will be the sexiest at the party.

Ski outfit

Like every winter, the ski slopes are one of the settings that hosts the most people. Therefore, if you are going to spend Christmas in the snow, it is recommended that you wear a high-mountain outfit that feels good on you. Do not choose just anyone, in the snow you also have to be perfect.

Feather skirt

This is a very special garment for the holidays, since it allows us to have more impeccable options for the night than the classic dress. Also, they feel great, and with a plain t-shirt she alone will draw enough attention.

Dresses with asymmetric straps

Dresses with a single strap have become one of the most viewed modalities for this season. They make a very nice visual effect on the shoulders and you have them available in multiple shapes and colors.

Ankle boots with fur

For our cold feet in times of negative thermometers, one of the best options, and which is also in fashion, are ankle boots stuffed with fur on the inside. You have them in a thousand ways: in flat boots, with heels, with wedges… Without a doubt, a very successful complement for the most casual days.

Christmas lingerie

Of course, one of the most traditional ‘must haves’ for Christmas are red lingerie sets, very appropriate for spending New Year’s Eve and entering the new year with good luck, as tradition dictates.

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