The skirts that are worn in 2015: latest fashion trends

Skirts look good on all women; you just have to find the right model for each body. Therefore, it is a must that you must have in the closet. Skirts are versatile: you can wear them in winter with tights or leggings or show off bare legs or with thinner tights in summer. Also, depending on the garment you buy and how you combine it, you will get a very informal look or a very elegant style.

Of course, look for the model with which you are going to feel comfortable among the latest trends. Remember that the most important thing is that you look pretty and, in addition, you are comfortable. Nothing worse than a skirt that is too short or tight that does not allow you to move freely.

These are the skirts that are worn in 2015.

Skirt of the year

Fashionable skirts in 2015 are high; they are worn above the waist. In this way, in addition to revealing endless legs -to which effect you can help by wearing good comfortable heels- your body will appear very slender and balanced.

Leather returns

Leather has never gone out of style. But in 2015 forget about uncomfortable tight femme fatale skirts. Leather now comes to the larger models.

In 2015, flared skirts

Because they are fun, because the more patterned the better, because they feel good, because they are comfortable… flared skirts are in style this year. If you are going to wear a loose skirt, you can combine it with a tighter shirt.

Forever in fashion: long skirts

Although it is true that there are years that take longer than others, they never disappear. Long skirts are very elegant if you know what kind of shoes and accessories to combine them with. Don’t listen to anyone who says long skirts are only for tall girls. In fact, long, high-waisted skirts can make you look slimmer. And if not, heels or wedges are the key. Also remember that asymmetric cuts can be very flattering.

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